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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why immigration reform does not belong to the immigrants, stand against ARIZONA HB 1070, 1097, racial profiling, join us May 29!



Undocumented immigrants are suffering a slew of evils from our broken immigration system.  Families are separated, mother from children, children from parents; children cannot go to school to break the chain of poverty; racial profiling; under-market wages; all of these are part of the horror of an unjust system.


Why, then, doesn’t the immigration reform movement belong to those who suffer the most from our broken system?


Justice has no owners.  When a woman is raped, for example, the charge against the predator who raped her when he is hauled in front of a court of law is:


“The People of the State of Colorado” for example




“Defendant rapist”


The name of the rapist is listed in the criminal complaint.  The victim’s name in all criminal cases is omitted.  That is because, while the victim has suffered her own trauma, society is the big loser if it allows murderers, rapist and thieves to prevail.


The way immigrants are being treated, including the racial profiling law passed in Arizona, HB 1070, is a violation of the conscience of society.  We are creating a third class of citizens under our present system.  Undocumented workers cannot get drivers licenses (so can’t get insurance), can’t approach the government when a crime has been committed in Arizona, can’t get social relief when on hard times, are under-paid and in some states like Colorado, can’t even get treatment for breast cancer unless they are on their death beds!


It is a travesty of justice.  The ones who are harmed by it most are the people of the United States.  We, the people, who believe in liberty and justice for all in our great land suffer the consequences when some are unjustly treated.  We the people who threw “separate but equal” out the window in the 60’s, who support the notion of equality for all, must not let a third class of immigrants develop.  We must treat all people equally under the law!


Two things must come to pass if we are to bring just immigration reform to pass:


1.  The immigrant community must let all just people join with them to fight for basic human dignity.  Ethnic background and race have nothing to do with it.  People who are willing to band together to fight injustice is what counts!


2.  Everyone of us must take a stand against oppression, against hatred and against the development of a third class.  That means we can’t use the excuse, ‘this is an immigrant cause’.  This is everyone’s cause!  All of us must become an active part of protecting the concept of equality for all!


Help us stop racial profiling under HB 1070; help us stop the Arizona plan to attack innocent children of undocumented workers in schools under Arizona HB 1097;  Help us pass comprehensive immigration reform ( CIR ASAP ) which addresses strengthening the border as well as creating solutions for undocumented workers who are in the United States;  Help us pass the Dream Act, which is contained in CIR so children have the chance to break the chain of poverty!  Help us stand up against injustice and fix ugly laws which everyone of us.  If we don’t stand up, who do you think they are coming after once they have oppressed immigrants?


Join us!  This is the civil rights movement the likes of which will not be seen again.  History is in the making!  Come be part of making the American dream possible to all those who live here.  Join our marches like May 29th, 2010, national day of action!  Call your senators and congressmen to tell them you oppose tactics like Arizona HB 1070 and SB 1097, you oppose racial profiling and you support the Dream Act!  You can participate in civil disobedience if you feel strongly enough!  Take an immigrant to lunch.  Come tell the American people, you, too, stand for liberty and justice for all!

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