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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gabriel Rhyne guilty of possession of stolen vehicle after selling to a cop, Chester thief cops a plea

Selling stolen equipment to the police is stupid, stupid, stupid!

Chester Man Pleads Guilty to Possessing Stolen Equipment

Gabriel Rhyne, of Chester, South Carolina, copped a plea in Federal court to possession of stolen equipment.

Rhyne acquired four pieces of heavy equipment by less than honest means. He then sold one of the pieces of equipment to a nice fellow. The problem is, the nice fellow’s wife is a Chester County deputy. It did not take the husband-wife team much time to figure out They were victims of a snake!
"Why go to federal prison for selling one stolen car?"
The problem most car thiefs never figure out is the percentages in stealing vehicles. Why go to federal prison for selling one stolen vehicle? That makes no sense. So the fools steal lots of vehicles. The more they steal the more chances they have of getting caught.  Eventually, almost all of them do come to Jesus in their own way.

I have never understood the mentality of a thief. The absolute lack of conscience, the disregard for suffering of others as a result of their actions, the risks associated with it, and most of all, the self esteem issues. I just don’t get it.
"in the end it all crashed in on him"

For example, Yuri David Melendez, the ring leader of a stolen truck gang, will have a lot of years to reflect about his actions. Maybe he got away with it for a short time, in the end it all crashed in on him. Was it worth it?

If you are one of those fools who thinks you will get away with grand theft auto, even though most guys don’t, then take a little hint. Don’t sell a stolen vehicle to a cop.

Little Rock Pimp Gets 10 on the Rock for Child Porn Prostitute

Doing the dirty with a kiddy is bad enough; rent that kiddy for someone else to do the dirty and you are scum!

Everett Cooney also known as "Bear", of Little Rock, Ak, gets 7.5 years for pimping a young lady who was between '14 and 18' years of age.  Reportedly, Cooney convinced a minor to participate in sex for hire.  The only problem was, Coony was the 'employer and the bonnie be notchit was the innocent victim prostitute.  Some bloke off of the street looking for a quick hand job, blow job or 'the works' was the client.  When a patron was willing to hire the young girl of the night Cooney was right there picking up his cut. 

The truth is, Cooney was nothing short of a brute.  He is accused of using "force, fraud and coercion to cause juvenile girls and adult women to engage in commercial sex acts".  In other words, Bitch, do it or you will pay!
"she was forced to engage in 'commercial sex acts"
Pimp Cooney admitted to some of his acts today in court.  He said he knew the girl was underage, maybe 14 to 18.  He knew her initials were "DB".  He admitted she was forced to engage in 'commercial sex acts' and that Cooney benefited from the show.  The original indictment was dismissed likely meaning Cooney could have gone to trial on a much worse slate of charges.  If convicted on them all he was staring life imprisonment in the teeth. 

Cooney’s co-defendant, Tommy Handy, also known as "tom tom" plead guilty to a charge of sex trafficking on October 23, 2009. Pursuant to the plea agreement, the full slate of charges was dismissed against him, as well.  Just as in Cooney's place, if perpetratpr Handy had gone to trial on all of the carges he would have been facing prison justice for the rest of his life..  As it is, Handy's plea exposes him to a minimum time in pokeyville of 10 years to life.  If he leaves the facility alive, considering the distaste for child molestors by cons, then there is a fair chance Tommy Handy will have to register as a sex offender.  He won't be able to brandish the weapon he had on him when arrested. Bear and Tom Tom arrested - pimping little girls
"They know how to cut down on run risks"

This judge is no dummy.  Handy is being kept in the lock up until he is sentenced, whereupon he will be remanded to custody.  They know how to cut down on run risks.  It is also an indication of how severe a sentence Tommy Handy is looking at.  The longer the term the judge expects to give, the less reason to let the convict out on bail.News story on the pediphiles amd pimps

If you have been the victim of sexual exploitation and are under age, or you are a prostitute seeking to come in from the cold, to reunite with your family, to have a normal life, let us know.  We can put you in touch with people who can help.  We will assist you in getting away from your abusive pimp.  We undestand what you are going through and we care.

If you have a child who is missing, or who has fallen into the pit of wild sex, pornography, drugs, crime, let us know.  Post their pictures here.  Let's try to find them and see if we can help you reunite your family!

Friday, January 29, 2010

George says selling oxycodone may cost prison, she needs an oxy today!

Selling your pills may cost you 20 years!

Donna M. George, 47, was convicted yesterday of illegally selling thousands of pain medication pills out of her home in a gated community in Fredericksburg, Virginia. A good portion of those “candy pills” are the super potent pain killer, OxyContin

Neil H. MacBride, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, and John Perren, Acting Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Washington Field Office, while grinning ear to ear, made the announcement.

“There’s no difference between dealing illegal street drugs from your home and providing prescription drugs to people who don’t need them,” said U.S. Attorney MacBride. “Pain medications can be similar in their effect to heroin if they are abused. We’re committed to prosecuting those who manipulate our health care system to traffic these extremely addictive pain killers.”

Donna M. George had a pretty good racquet going. She used shills to buy pain medications at various pharmacies. Ms. George then ran her own pharmaxy of sorts. She sold to local friends who wanted the meds now and who had the bucks and were willing to pay for the candy. Many of them were fighting body pain and couldn’t afford a normal doctor. Others just wanted to get high.

On September 24th, 2009, Ms. Brooks probably needed a few candies herself. The stay at home pharmacist was indicted by a federal grand jury that day on conspiracy and distribution of oxymoron charges. She faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison when she is sentenced on April 23, 2010, by United States District Judge James C. Cacheris.

Donna was no alone in her little caper, a fact the police no doubt are aware of. Donna made deals with others to cash fraudulent prescriptions at pharmacies. In her short time in business, Donna reportedly obtained over 20,000. Donna acted not only as procuring agent, but also as street level distributor. Amongst her clients included college students. I guess getting your girl pregnant is tougher to take than it once was.
"Testimony at trial showed that Mrs. George was the main, street-level distributer for the scheme"

According to the indictment and evidence at trial, from 2002 to August 2009, George conspired with others to help produce fraudulent prescriptions to be passed at pharmacies to obtain more than 20,000 pills containing OxyContin and other narcotic pain killers. Testimony at trial showed that Mrs. George was the main, street-level distributer for the scheme, which relied on her for the movement of the majority of the thousands of pills procured by her and her co-conspirators. Some of these pills were subsequently sold and distributed to other customers, including college students.

We hope Donna keeps a closed mouth and an open pocket book. She is going to need a top rate attorney. According to allegations, she often fronted the money for the drug purchases, kept half the pills for her own use, and then sold the remaining pills to others through transactions conducted in parking lots of drug and department stores, gun shops, and in her home. As atrocious as it sounds, she sat at times in front of her two young grandchildren and other unrelated children whom she was watching, quietly dealing her junk.
"She was twice caught on video selling controlled substances and purchases"
Donna Jones must be the pillar of her community. She was twice caught on video selling controlled substances and purchases, selling thousands in Oxymoron. If that were not enough, she attempted to induce one witness to lie. From jail, she threatened to reveal personal and confidential information about a person if they went forward with their testimony.

Donna Jones did not work by herself. She had a great use of helpers and enablers. This list includes

Richard of Fredericksburg VA for conspiring to distribute oxymoron and was sentenced to 60 months in prison

Richard Sindelar, 31, of Fredericksburg, Va., pled guilty to conspiring to distribute oxymoron and was sentenced to 60 months in prison.

Lisa Sindelar, 31, of Fredericksburg, Va., pled guilty to conspiracy and distribution of oxymoron and was sentenced to 60 months in prison.

John Sindelar, 35, of Colonial Beach, Va., pled guilty to conspiracy and distribution of oxycodone and was sentenced to 20 months in prison.

Sales of pain killing medication is not that unusual, as it seems.  If you have ever been in pain and cannot escape it then medication is one of your few options.  At the rates docs and drug companies sharge, the poor cannot afford to get the treatment they need.  A pharmacist was indicted for selling pain meds to his clients.

The case does not stand alone.  Read about a doctor himself who was dispensing pain meds for fun and profit.!This case is part of an Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (“OCDETF”) investigation (Operation “Cotton Candy”), which has been focusing on the illegal distribution by numerous doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and patients of pain medication, including the very potent, expensive, and widely-abused oxymoron, also known by the brand name of “OxyContin”. This OCDETF matter, which involves support from the FBI, DEA, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive (ATF), Department of Defense (DOD), Virginia State Police, Internal Revenue Service, and Buchanan, Clarke, Culpeper, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, Prince William, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Tazewell, and Warren Counties, and Manassas City, Virginia, Police Departments, as well as numerous other state and local law enforcement in Virginia and elsewhere, has secured more than 170 drug-trafficking convictions and guilty pleas.

This specific case was investigated by the FBI’s Washington Field Office, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office. This case is being prosecuted by Special Assistant United States Attorneys Joshua Rogers and Christopher Martinez and Assistant United States Attorney Gene Rossi on behalf of the United States.

A copy of this press release may be found on the website of the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia at Related court documents and information may be found on the website of the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia at or on

Dallas Texas man Robert Campbell pleads guilty to copyright infringement

Bootlegged CD's may cost
store owner five years in prison

Robert Campbell Jr. who worked at a store with the original name “Movies and CD’s” at 9009 Bruton Road, Suite 101, in Dallas, Texas, got an unpleasant and belated Valentine’s day present last February 15th. The FBI arrested him for bootlegging over 150 CD’s and DVD’s and selling them for five bucks a crack. Campbell’s father in law, Osborn Lowe, was indicted on copyright infringement and aiding and abetting charges, as well.  The pirated CD story regarding Campbell and lowe in the Herald Banner
"Campbell burned copies of movies for $5.00 while customers waited"

According to the FBI press release, Campbell spent six months working for his father in law, Osborn Lowe, who is the owner of the store. During his apprenticeship, Campbell burned copies of movies for $5.00 while customers waited. He then placed them in blank white jackets and quietly collected the fee for pirating original works of art. The titles of the bootlegged CD’s include, ‘Why did I get married”, “Bee Movie”, " The Brave One” and perhaps the title most fitting for Campbell, “Mad Money”.  Why break the law for $5.00?  You can buy Why did I get married for $10.00 here!
Below is a map to the Osborn Lowe store,
Movies and CD's

Robert took a plea deal today admitting his guilt. His maximum sentence is 5 years with a fine of up to $250,000 bucks. That is a lot of money to repay for making five bucks on a pirated CD!  That could be a lot of time he spends watching prison movies.  Let's hope they have better titles than the movies Campbell bootlegged.

The FBI wasn’t finished with the case when they charged Campbell. They had a bigger target in mind. Two months ago, store owner Osborn Low was indicted on similar charges. Unlike Campbell, Osborn isn’t taking this lying down. He is set for trial on March 15th, 2010.

Who will likely be the star witness against Osborn? Probably Robert Campbell, although only his hairdresser really knows for sure. The chances are, he took the plea along with an agreement for leniency in jail time and an agreement to testify against his father in law. No one has said this and it may not be true. But why else would Campbell take a plea deal in which he admitted to the original charges?  The plea is conveniently timed before Osborn’s trial.

Customers who bought the pirated movies and CD's from the store 'Movies and CD's'
may also be under investigation

The lesson here is don’t copy CD’s and DVD’s. Someone, namely the FBI, takes the copyright notice that appears before each movie seriously. Read about a ring of CD and DVD piraters charged in May of 2009.

The FBI may have released the name and address of the Dallas, Texas Store on Bruton Road that pirated CD's and DVD's for a reason.  Customers who bought the bootlegged movies from the store “Movies and CD’s”, whether from Richard Campbell Jr. or Osborn Lowe, may also be under investigation.   The pictures in this piece are from Google Images.

If you get a call from U.S. Attorney Aisha Saleem's office or the FBI you might want to talk to a lawyer.  Aisha Saleem is the government attorney who is prosecuting the case.  But then, someone who buys a movie called "why did I get married" may have bigger problems than a mere FBI investigation.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Are there throw away people? MS-13 La Mara Salvatrucha and Hector Portillo

Are there 'throw away' criminals?

What should we do with gang members like MS-13, the crips, the bloods, the Latin Kings, young people who become violent offenders?  Are there 'throw away' criminals?
MS-13 gang member Hector Portillo was stabbed in a fight with a rival gang, the Bloods.  MS-13, la Mara Salvatrucha, like the bloods, is notorious for its violence.  Popular belief is La Mara Salvatrucha stands for La Mara, a street in San Salvador and Salvatrucha, the gorilla army that fought in El Salvador's civil war.

After the gang member was stabbed, Portillo and another gang member found the person they believed had stabbed Portillo on a Flushing, Queens street.  The boy's name was Pashad Gray.  Hector produced a gun and shot Gray, who fell to the ground. Portillo then put several more rounds into Gray who lay helpless on the cement. Gray died shortly thereafter. Who knows how Portillo felt when he later learned Gray was not the person who had stabbed him. Gray was only 15 years old.

Portillo was captured and convicted.  Pashad's sister was in Brooklyn Federal Court to witness the sentencing of the MS-13 gang member a few days ago.

"Can me and my family get an apology?" Rynadia Whittingtondo asked Federal Judge Sterling Johnson.

"Is it possible he can say he's sorry?"

The judge said he could not force Portillo to apologize.  Instead, he indicated Hector Portillo had a long time to think about an apology, a remark about the possibility of remorse.

"That is something I think would be good for his soul."  The judge noted.

"He's a lost cause," Pashad's sister said. "I don't think his apology would have mattered anyway because I didn't see any remorse in him."

There are two parts to criminal justice. On the one hand, society puts people who hurt other people behind bars to punish them. The offender has caused harm to society and he must pay for his actions. That serves as a lesson for those who otherwise would assault innocent persons and it imposes a strict penalty on the person who has offended.

Presumably, the second role society is to offer the opportunity for rehabilitation. The theory presumes every person makes bad decisions. Some bad decisions are horrible. Those who make these tragic decisions must pay a healthy price. However, once they have 'paid their debt to society' then we owe them the chance to better themselves from the experience.

U.S. society has always been short on the rehabilitation side of things. During the past decade we have stopped thinking in terms of recuperation altogether and started thinking about throw-away people. That has resulted in a dramatic increase in prison the population and a lot more ruined lives. As little as we have done for the recuperative nature in human beings, during the past decade, we have forgotten about rehabilitation completely. The only thing we seem interested in is collecting our pound of flesh.

Such narrow thinking forces a 15 to 20 year old to pay a higher price for the same crime than a person who is 50 years old. It also creates 'throw away' people. Let's say a 20 year old and a 50 year old commit a similar crime and both get life. If both people live until they are 75, the 20 year old will be incarcerated 30 more years than the 50 year old will be. It also says there is no hope for the 20 year old. Maybe U.S. society is right. Maybe not.

“Violent street gangs such as MS-13 prey on our community and relish the beating, stabbing, and shooting of perceived rivals, with disregard for bystanders caught in their cross-hairs,” stated United States Attorney Campbell. “Today’s sentence reflects the severity of such crimes and affirms our unwavering commitment to dismantle street gangs and bring their members to justice.”   The feds are cracking down on ms-13.

Portillo is a rotten apple. He committed many violent crimes in Flushing, New York including planning a murder and participating in a drive by shooting.  

The question is, what do we do with Hector Portillo? Do we throw him away?

Judge Benton Johnson gave Portillo 38 years. If he is not killed in a retaliatory attack in prison he will be 58 when he gets out. Is he savable? If he is savable should we save him?

Portillo joined MS-13 at age 11 in El Salvador.  The gang has flourished in the aftermath of one of the most vicious civil wars in the history of Central America.  During that civil war the ruling government, the PCN, the National Conciliation Party, enforced power through military death squads.  Initially, mostly fathers were taken during  middle of the night raids. In later years they attacked entire villages.  Los desaparacidos, the "disappeared" is a term that refers to more than 75,000 people who disappeared, never to be seen again.  The United States backed the PCN, despite knowing of the human rights violations.

Gang members like Hector Portillo were not created in a vacuum, were they?  Portillo joined the La Mara Salvatrucha as part of a chain of violence he learned from generations of repressed people.  Whether it is the death squads by a U.S. backed government in El Salvador or the slavery and oppression of blacks on U.S. soil, gangs and their violent ways are often based in a culture left to the poor through U.S. history.   These youths have grown up in a climate of violence which the average middle class citizen does not know about or understand.  Sad to say, as the chain continues, many Americans don't even care.

Again, I ask, what should we do with Hector Portillo?  What price should he and others pay considering the legacy left him through the generations?  Under these conditions isn't it hard to say 15 and 20 year olds don't deserve a chance to be rehabilitated? 

I don’t think 38 years is a severe sentence for first degree murder of an innocent victim. At the same time, throwing young men away for making horrible decisions in places where such decisions are a way of life suggests a society that does not allow for young people to err. Since to err is to be human, it suggests we have no idea what rehabilitation is or how to bring it about. Nor do we take responsibility for the lessons our own history has taught inner city youth or an interest in breaking the chain of violence.