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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nigerian terrorist places personal privacy at issue, faces 6 counts

Nigerian places your privacy
at risk

Do you want to fly naked?

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow up Northwest

 flight 253 to Detroit, faces 6 counts, long time in jail

Friday, January 08, 2010     Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian who placed a bomb in his underwear on Northwest flight 253 bound for Detroit, was charged with six criminal counts today. Abdulmutallab may spend the rest of his life in prison, which for a 23 year old is a very long time.

"Had he been forced to do a strip search the items would have easily been discovered."

Farouk Abdulmutallab created a national controversy regarding full body searches at airports when a bomb he had hidden in his underwear failed to explode. Had he been forced to do a strip search the items would have easily been discovered.

It is not practical to strip search every passenger who boards an aircraft. However, there is new technology that allows airport screeners to check for items hidden under clothing including in one’s underpants. Unfortunately, the ‘back scanner x-ray’ reveals everything else clothes usually hide, including genitals, breasts and the like. The x-ray machine is already being used in some countries in an attempt to thwart terrorists. ABC News on the Backscanner:

“I would rather submit to a full body scan than lose my life”

“I would rather submit to a full body scan than lose my life” said Vernon Blair, a resident of Lake Jackson, Texas, when randomly polled about his view on the event.  “I don’t like anyone looking at my private parts but I want to be safe when I fly.”

One must wonder what the passengers and crew of flight 253 would have said before and after the flight. If they were against being viewed in the buff by x-ray before the flight, are they against it now? It would be interesting to ask. Presumably, if Abdulmutallab had been successful, all 279 passengers and 11 crewmembers would have been killed last Christmas day.

In addition to the back scanner x-ray, there is a new type of scanner which can view entire crowds of people as if they are naked. Unlike the back scanner, the machine does not reveal as much detail about body parts under your clothes. It still reveals persons as if they are walking around in their birthdays suits, but the outlines are 'more fuzzy'.

Being seen naked, even if only by security officers, is a problem in the culture and conscience of Americans. The notions of personal privacy are difficult to give up. But so is the notion of security. No doubt the debate will rage on as acts like those of Abudlmutallab continue to bring the issue to the fore. One can only hope a solution is found before our failure to act costs nearly 300 lives, as it almost did in the case of Northwest 253 from Amsterdam. 

More about the backscanner:

Being seen naked, even if only by security
 officers, is a problem"

In the meantime, Abdulmutallab faces a long time behind prison bars if he is convicted. Count three of the indictment charges him with willful attempt to destroy or wreck an aircraft, with a penalty of up to 20 years in prison. Count four, willfully placing a destructive device on an aircraft, could get the young Nigerian 20 more years.

Count 5, use of a firearm or destructive device during a crime of violence carries a consecutive and mandatory 30 year sentence. Count six, possession of a firearm or destructive device in furtherance of a crime, carries another mandatory consecutive 30 year term.

 If found guilty on all of the above counts the young Nigerian would face 100 years in jail if the two 20 year sentences were carried out consecutively. If not, and guilty, he would face at least 60 years. However, it is count one, attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction that could shut the iron doors on the 23 year old Nigerian forever. It carries a life sentence.

"The attempted murder of 289 innocent people merits the most serious charges available, and that’s what we have charged in this indictment," said U.S. Attorney Barbara L. McQuade, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan.

"Fortunately for the lives on board, the bomb did not explode"

Witness reports indicated Abdulmutallab was subdued by the passengers and flight crew after attempting to detonate the bomb. Fortunately for the lives on board, the bomb did not explode. The would-be martyr was subdued before he was able to tinker with the device in his attempt to make it work. Even though the bomb did not explode, it was enough to cause a fire, and burn the Nigerian’s leg.

Meanwhile, the state department is under the gun for allowing Nigerian Abdulmutallab to have a visa in the first place.  The father of the 23 year old went to the embasy in Nigeria to warn the U.S. State Department about his son's radical islamist beliefs.  P.J. Crowley, the State Department spokesman, was unsure if anyone from the embasy had asked abou the visa.

Crowly said, "We're still trying to sort that out," when the question was raised.

See the article by the New York Daily News:

The Government is looking for accomplices. The investigation is being conducted by the Detroit Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is led by the FBI and includes U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Federal Air Marshal Service, and other law enforcement agencies. Additional assistance has been provided by the Transportation Security Administration, the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, the Wayne County Airport police, as well as international law enforcement partners.

“Anyone we find responsible for this alleged attack will be brought to justice using every tool -- military or judicial -- available to our government." said Attorney General Eric Holder.

It is important to remember Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is under indictment only. The 23 year old Nigerian who placed a bomb in his underwear and tried to detonate it on Christmas day is innocent until proven guilty. Fortunately, the passengers on northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit will live to see the verdict. That is the system we use in the United States of America and the very system Abudlmutallab was attacking.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pablo Picasso Fake, Willem de Kooning maybe, seller charged

Would you like a Picasso cheap?

Fake Picasso sells for $2M

Willem de Koonig maybe?

Buyer an unhappy camper!

If you could make $2,000,000 selling a fake Picasso would you do it?

A West Hollywood antique dealer could not resist the temptation. She had it fabricated for $1,000 bucks and then sold it to an unwitting buyer for $2 million smackers! 

Tatiana Khan, 69, who owns and resides at the Chateau Allegré gallery on La Cienega Boulevard, allegedly hired an artist to fabricate the Picasso drawing. This one is a copy of a 1902 pastel called “La Femme Au Chapeau Bleu,” or “The Woman in the Blue Hat”.

According to the allegations, Tatiana gave the artist a photograph of the drawing pleading with the artist for help. She said the authentic Picasso was stolen from one of Tatiana’s clients. She needed the copy so she could catch the person who stole the painting.

Shortly after having the painting forged, Tatiana convinced a buyer she was representing the Malcolm Forbes family estate. She said the Forbes family wanted the paintings sold privately. Presumably people of great wealth do these kinds of things when there is a fight inside the family. Tatiana said the buyer could get a really good deal on the painting since it was worth way more than the $2M dollars she was selling it for.

Why Tatiana paid $1000 bucks for her painting who knows.  She could have bought it on line for about $375.00.  At least the on-line peple tell you it is a reproduction.

Tatiana sold her version of the Picasso painting to an unwitting buyer in 2006. It took the buyer a little time to figure out she had been hoodwinked. I guess if you are dumb enough to buy a painting from one of the most sought after artists in history, it will take a bit of time for the light bulb to come on. The buyer had the painting examined by a Picasso expert who gave her the bad news. Sitting on her wall or wherever she kept it was a cheap fake of the real thing!

The art expert called the FBI in 2009. Who knows why the expert called the FBI, maybe the buyer wanted to remain anonymous. I guess I would too. An investigation was launched which quickly led our high level law enforcement to the artist who created the fake Picasso. The artist agreed she would not tell Tatiana about her FBI interview.

Subsequently, the FBI called Tatiana to get her side of the story. Tatiana had to think fast. Most liars do. She told the FBI she had lent $40,000 to a friend and taken the Picasso as collateral.

One would wonder why anyone would hawk a Picasso valued at more than $2,000,000 bucks for $40,000 dollars. Even the rich have a cash flow problem from time to time, but the FBI didn’t buy her story.

Kahn must have decided to go back to the straight and narrow because the FBI says she bought an authentic painting with part of the $2 mil she got from the unknown buyer. Perhaps she was covering her tracks a bit. The painting was a Willem de Kooning, an abstract expressionist, which Tatiana bought for $720,000. The FBI seized the Kooning when they served Tatiana with a criminal complaint.

The criminal complaint charges Khan with wire fraud, making false statements to the FBI and witness tampering. Tatiana was directed to appear in federal court for an initial appearance on January 27.

Usually when these things happen the perpetrator of the fraud finds themselves in jail with a healthy bond. Nothing was mentioned about an arrest in the FBI press release. Instead, the wording in the press release was interesting. It said:

This case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Assistant United States Attorney
Ranee Katzenstein
Major Frauds Section
(213) 894-2432

Assistant United States Attorney
Richard Robinson
Major Frauds Section
(213) 894-0713

Notice the word “Contact”. Most press releases name the agents and investigators who are on the case but never ask for someone to contact them. Perhaps the FBI is wondering if Tatiana got duped. Perhaps the Fake Pablo Picasso is not the only fraudulent painting being sold. Maybe Tatiana got duped, as well, when she bought the Willem de Kooning. Or perhaps the art expert is mistaken and the Picasso is an original!

How much does a Pablo Picasso really cost?  If Tatiana is convicted the answer is 45 years!

Criminal complaints are always an allegation. Every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  The authenticity of a Pablo Picasso or Willem de Kooning, the truth of one's testimony, the proof fine art is fine art is subject to test at trial.  This post is written based upon the FBI allegations, and should not be considered fact.  Even writers can be duped!

   No more cohibas!  Why?

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Medicare fraud scheme places AIDs, cancer patients at risk

Medicare fraud scheme

places Aids, cancer patients at risk

Money squandered on Lamborghini Gallardo and Jewelry

January 04, 2009

Ihosvany Marquez was charged with Medicare fraud and conspiracy charges after medical clinics he owned or controlled charged the government millions for fake services.

Marquez was living the good life, according to prosecutors, who said he spent a cool $2.7 mil on a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, two (2) Bentley Continental GTs, two (2) Mercedes Benz CL63s, and at least six (6) Mercedes Benz S550s. What the hey, when you make a $21 million dollar billing error you can afford a few luxuries.
"Marquez also bought $500,000 in jewelry, and more than $1million on horses"
If the cars were not enough, Marquez also bought $500,000 in jewelry, and more than $1million on horses during 2007 and 2008. According to the prosecution, Marquez, a Miami resident, spent the bucks but did not report any income in Florida. How could he have afforded such things without making money?

Maybe the prosecutors are jealous. But they say Marquez submitted at least $55 million in false claims to Medicare for infusion therapy, injection therapy, and other treatments for patients suffering from cancer, HIV, chronic pain, and other illnesses.

Medicare fraud is straining the system to the breaking point, and threatens future treatment for AIDS and cancer patients and for others who rely on the health care plan in their retirement.

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The criminal enterprise involved the use of medical clinics as fronts including Zigma Medical Care, Inc., Tender Loving Care Medical Center, Inc., Professional Medical Health, Inc., Metro Med Care, Inc., San Diego Medical & Rehab Center, Inc., Eulogia's Diagnostic Medical Center, Inc., and Stop Injury Medical Center, Inc.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Ryan Stumphauzer and Daniel Bernstein.  The official press release can be found at the following link:

In order to conceal the conspiracy, Marquez hired front men to sign corporate resolutions, serve as straw owners, sign checks, and keep the auditors guessing. Sometimes too much of a good thing is not so hot. Perhaps if Marquez had kept a lower profile he would have avoided detection.
"they skipped the country or are on the run"

According to prosecutors, Marquez paid his straw owners well. Apparently they were smarter than he is. When they got wind the government was on to them, they skipped the country or are on the run. One of them is Madelin Machado of Zigma Medical who Miami prosecutors would like to meet. If you see a Lamborghini Gallardoa hauling down the road maybe you should call law enforcement!

The charges area allegations only.  Every person has the right to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.


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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"I blew him in court", victim claims clerk influenced judge, prosecution, Clerk trades sex for no jail time, chelsea federal court possibly corrupt, prosecution yields to influence of clerk, is James Burke guilty? FBI fails to mention court

Court clerk offers no jail

in exchange for oral sex

 Is Entire court corrupt

 if the allegations are  true?
FBI fails to mention judge or prosecution

 in affidavit

A Chelsea, Massachusetts court clerk, James Burke, gets off easy with a guilty plea to civil rights violations after he offered a reduced sentences including no jail time to female in exchange for a "blow job".  The FBI affidavit against James Burke is strangely silent about the names and possible criminal actions of the Judge and "them", likely the prosecution.

"The victim pointed to court clerk Burke and said

"I blew him in court" 

According to a an affidavit signed by Julia A. Cowley, Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), the victim, who is also referred to as a confidential witness, or CW, was in court with her attorney, Danielle Andreasi. The victim pointed to court clerk Burke and said “I blew him in the court”.  The law office notified authorities.

Special agent Cowley investigated the allegations. A meeting was arranged between Burke and the Victim and was recorded without Buke knowing it.  Once again Burke solicited the victim saying, “I want to see your breasts and eat you out”.

"Burke said he “'had the judges back'”

Burke said he “had the judges back” meaning he had influence with the U.S. District Judge.  The Judge's name was not mentioned in the Crowley affidavit.  

Burke promised he could guarantee no jail time for the accused prostitute if she would perform oral sex with him. Information in the affidavit also indicated this was not Burke’s first time to receive oral sex from the victim, and that he had coerced oral sex from other victims.

The affidavit is at this link:

The Cowley affidavit says three years earlier Burke had made the same offer. The document states:
“While in lock-up at Chelsea District Court, one of the clerks that the CW knew as “Jim Burke asked her if she was a “working girl” and told her that he would help her out if she helped him out. 
The Cowlery document further states:
“Burke took the CW out of the cell and into another room. The CW gave Burke oral sex and he touched and sucked her breast”
Burke subsequently made a veiled threat to the victim:

“In their December 8, 2008 conversation, Burke told the CW that there was another room downstairs and that he had been with “someone else down there” and that it was “just hookin’ up.” Burke said that the individual “opened their mouth and I fuckin’ wanted to fuckin’ cut their head off.” The CW understood this to mean that the other person had told someone about her encounter with Burke.”

During the same conversation, Burke asked if he was being set up. He said he “got burned before”.   Did Burke make a veiled threat?

"I wanted to cut their head off!"

The session that was surruptitiously audio recorded was around December 18th, 2008.  The victim asked Burke if she was going to jail, and Burke replied that he did not think so. 
“The CW asked Burke again if she was going to jail Burke replied “nope.” Burke told the CW that he talked to “them” and “that’s what they told me unless their boss says no...”
Since judges don't have bosses in the traditional sense, and district attorneys do, the word "them" likely is the prosecution.  Many plea bargains are made with the understanding no jail will be imposed.  The judge has final say, but usually goes along with the D.A.  

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If a court clerk has enough weight with a Judge to influence jail or no jail decisions, then the court appears corrupt from the bottom to the top.    
"The corruption of justice destroys every concept of equal protection"
Did Burke recieve special treatment in the charging decision?  Why wasn't there a sex crime in the charge, or a charge relating to improper influence, or practicing law without a license, or something?  Because Burke was not convicted of a sex crime he will not have to register as a sexual offender.  Agent Crowley has her reasons.  She indicates in her affidavit she has undisclosed information, a hint more is to come.

18 usc 242 generally is applie to prison inmates when they are forced into unjust actions by jailers,  like sexual intercourse.  Unless there is a certain degree of violence it is not considered a sex crime.

The big story here is untold.  Why arn't we hearing about charges against the Judge and "them", whoever "them" is.  If I were the Judge and "them" I would start exercising my right to silence.  If I were Burke, I would initiate a conversation for no prison in exchange for tesimony against the Judge and "them".  Did the same judge and prosecution team who granted Burke the favor agree to the plea bargain?

Why should the Judge and "them" be held accountable?  It is doubtful the court knew about Burke's sexual exploits.  However, they were acomplices in his comission of a crime.  When Burke made a special request on behalf of a prostitute the light should have come on. 

There are multiple reasons why judges and prosecutors are not supposed to do favors for court clerks.  For example, how can we ask law enforcement, inluding the FBI, to put their lives on the line when the charge is going to be thrown out so the court clerk can get a blow job?  It sounds rediculous but if we treat all prostitutes the same then each should be afforded the chance to avoid jail if they let court staff have oral sex or 'eat them out'.  If that is the case, shouldn't the same standard apply to male prostitutes?

Oral sex, "eating out", court cleks influencing judges for sex, 'blow jobs' in the house of justice, corruption in the legal system, equal treatment for all, mandatory sentences, loss of respect for the adminstration of justice, justice for sale or trade, the old boy's network, loss of confidence in the legal system, these are issues to be considered when courts act as the Crowley affidavit alledges. 

The due process of the law requires us to presume all persons are innocent until proven guilty.  There are no pending charges that I know of against the Judge or the Prosecution.  I have written this as a point of view, and not as fact.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sexual exploitation of a minor is time consuming, Pedaphiles beware, exploit a child and you will pay! Asset forfeiture, find out the latest police tactics, sexual exploitation of a minor is expensive and time consuming

Project Safe Childhood

Sexual exploitation of minors is becoming dangerous for internet predators.  An initiative called
'PROJECT SAFE CHILDHOOD' is making dramatic inroads on prosecution of those involved in robbing children of their innocence.  In 2007 alone, there was a 27% increase in the prosecution of internet predators and those who exploit our children.   As of September 01, 2008, 1661 victims of child sexual exploitation have been identified.

In October of 2009 a Lexington Kentucky man was given 15 years and forfeited his home after authorities discovered 40,000 images of child pornography.  Forfeiture represents a new tool by law enforcement against childhood predators.  This is cutting edge law because the foundation for the forfeiture is the man used his home to view the child pornography. 

The following link takes you to article:

The case for forfeiture would be stronger if the man had used his home to make child pornography, rather than simply possess it.  The point is mute as the Defendant consented to the forfeiture as part of his plea.

Since a 15 year sentence is likely the rest of the perpetrators life, you could say sexual exploitation of a minor is time consuming.  That has always been the case, although longer prison sentences are more common.  The news is, exploitation is now expensive, as well.

Responding to citizen demand and the voice of child advocate groups, the government is getting tough on those who steal the innocence of youth from helpless children.  A recent conviction against a ring of sex tourists should cool the jets of those who prey on children thinking there will be no consequences.

The following is a fact sheet from the Project safe people.  If you are comitted to fighting for our nation's youth the information may be of help to you.  There are many ways to wage this war against child predators.  We encourage you to seek the assistance of the project safe people for more assistance.

Project Safe Fact Sheet:

Project Safe Childhood (PSC) is a Department of Justice initiative launched in 2006 that aims to combat the proliferation of technology-facilitated sexual exploitation crimes against children. The threat of sexual predators soliciting children for physical sexual contact is well-known and serious; the danger of perpetrators who produce, distribute, and possess child pornography is equally dramatic and disturbing.

"The Department of Justice is committed to the safety and
well-being of every child"
The Department of Justice is committed to the safety and well-being of every child and has placed a high priority on combating sexual exploitation of minors. Through a network of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and advocacy organizations, PSC coordinates efforts to protect our children by investigating and prosecuting online sexual predators.

PSC is implemented through a partnership of U.S. Attorneys; Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces; federal partners, including the FBI, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Marshals Service; advocacy organizations such as the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children; and state and local law enforcement officials in each U.S. Attorney’s district.

Project Safe Childhood Is Working
"More and more victims are being identified"
Under PSC, the number of federal child exploitation prosecutions has increased significantly, along with the number of federal, state, and local investigations and convictions, and more and more victims are being identified. PSC’s education and awareness efforts complement this focus on enforcement.


In U.S. Attorneys' Offices, 2,118 indictments were filed in fiscal year 2007 against 2,218 defendants. This represents a 27.8 percent increase over fiscal year 2006 (1,657 cases filed against 1,760 defendants). We currently project that the number of federal prosecutions in FY 2008 will be higher than in FY 2007.

In fiscal year 2007, the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) program, a national network of 59 regional task forces funded by the Department of Justice that investigate computer-facilitated child sexual exploitation, resulted in more than 2,350 arrests.

As of Sept.14, 2008, a total of 1,661 victims of child pornography crimes have been identified and many rescued, 911 of which since the launch of PSC, through enhanced law enforcement coordination and the efforts of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s (NCMEC).

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During fiscal year 2007, the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, in partnership with the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the United States Postal Inspection Service, developed and coordinated six nationwide investigations targeting the production, distribution, receipt, and possession of child pornography by more than 7,000 individuals residing in the United States. Many of these leads are prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Offices throughout the nation.

Public Education and Awareness:

In 2007, the Department of Justice together with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Ad Council launched the Online Sexual Exploitation public service advertising campaign designed to educate teenage girls about the potential dangers of posting and sharing personal information online.

The Department sponsors a number of resources to help educate parents about how to keep their kids safe on the Internet, including, and

Since launching in 2004, the Online Sexual Exploitation campaign has garnered over $188 million in donated media support, and the toll-free number, 1-800-THE-LOST, has received more than 225,000 calls.

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces:

•In 1998, the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) recognized the Internet’s dangers and the real risk of technology-facilitated child sexual exploitation, and developed the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force Program. The purpose of ICAC is to help state and local law enforcement agencies acquire the knowledge, equipment and personnel resources they need to prevent, investigate and stop sexual crimes against children.

◦There are now 59 ICAC task forces across the country, each composed of state and local law enforcement agencies. These ICACs are on the front line addressing computer facilitated child sexual exploitation through aggressive investigations, prosecutions, computer forensics and community outreach.
"The task forces have reviewed nearly 200,000 complaints, resulting in the arrest of almost 11,000 individuals"
◦Since the program’s inception in 1998, the task forces have reviewed nearly 200,000 complaints, resulting in the arrest of almost 11,000 individuals across the country intent on sexually abusing children. In fiscal year 2007 alone, ICAC investigations led to more than 2,350 arrests and more than10,500 forensic examinations.
Once source of complaints reviewed by the ICAC task forces is Cybertipline referrals forwarded from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. These referrals typically come from Internet Service Providers. The Cybertipline has received over 500,000 tips and complaints since 1998.

◦ICAC task forces regularly conduct undercover operations across the country netting individuals bent on enticing and traveling to meet with those they think are young, vulnerable children.

Continued Support for Project Safe Childhood Efforts

In fiscal year 2008, state and local law enforcement agencies will receive more than $17 million to combat Internet crimes against children. The $17 million is administered by OJJDP in support of the ICAC task force program. The ICAC task forces have played a critical role in stopping Internet criminal activity targeting children.

The Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Program's SMART Office has developed several web-based tools that are now available to all state, local and tribal governments to assist with the implementation of the Adam Walsh Act. These tools enhance our awareness about the possible presence of sex offenders in our local communities and assist law enforcement in their efforts to manage and track sex offenders.
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Kentucky man forfeits home after viewing child porn there, kiddie porn is expensive, project safe attacks sexual exploitation of children, pedaphiles beware!

Viewing child pornography
can be hazardous
to your home
Kentucky man forfeits home after viewing

kiddie porn there

Advocates optomistic forfeiture will send a message
to future perpetrators


LEXINGTON, KY - A federal judge sentenced a Lexington man to 188 months in prison for child pornography violations and as part of the sentence the defendant has completely forfeited his interest in his residence located in the Chevy Chase subdivision.

This is the first case in the Eastern District of Kentucky (includes 67 counties) that a defendant has forfeited his home for child pornography violations.

U.S. Senior District Court Judge Karl Forrester sentenced 62-year-old Joseph Robert Leitner for receipt of child pornography. The sentence was the maximum time suggested by the sentencing guidelines prepared by the probation office.

Judge Forrester described the images Letiner possessed as horrific and unimaginable before he imposed the sentence.

Leitner agreed as part of his plea agreement to surrender his home on Cochran Drive.

The United States possesses the authority to seize the residence based on the high volume of images and the length of time Leitner used his home to download and view child pornography.

“Mr. Leitner used the privacy of his home to exploit children by downloading and viewing thousands images of child pornography over a period of several years,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Hydee Hawkins.

"Individuals who use their homes or other property to exploit children will also be subject to forfeiture of that property”
Do you want more information about sexual exploitation of a child and how you can become involved?

project safe child


“This case demonstrates that like those whose homes are forfeited for drug related offenses, individuals who use their homes or other property to exploit children will also be subject to forfeiture of that property used to facilitate crimes against children.”

Prior to the sentence, a 54-year-old man testified before the court that Leitner sexually molested him repeatedly when he was between the ages of three and nine years old.

Leitner pleaded guilty in July and admitted that between March and May of 2008 he downloaded child pornography images. Leitner also acknowledged that he collected images, mostly of teenage boys between 11 and 14 years old, since 2005.

There were approximately 100 CDs and several computers seized during the search of Leitner’s residence in June 2008. Authorities examined the computer and CDs and discovered more than 40,000 images of child pornography that included children as young as six to 10 years old.

The investigation was conducted by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Kentucky
State Police (Electronic Crimes Section), and the Lexington Division of Police. 

 The United States was represented in the case by Assistant U.S. Attorney Hydee Hawkins and Robert Duncan. This case was brought as part of the Eastern District of Kentucky’s efforts pursuant to Project Safe Childhood, a Department of Justice initiative dedicated to protecting children from online exploitation and abuse.

Editor's Note:  The government is getting tough on sex tourists, as well.  Sex tourists are men who fly to other countries in order to engage in sex with children and under age youths.  Many countries are not as aggressive in policing sexual exploitation of children, hence the tourists believe they can get away with their illegal activities in other nations.  An article about a sex ring can  be found at this link:

23 Lbs of meth gone, huge drug seizure, anchorage schools safe, 4 people need a criminal attorney, mexican drug connection to blame

23 pounds of meth intercepted on the way to Alaska

Was the passenger at the wrong place at the wrong time?

Feds take Mexican, drugs,  methamphetamine 
off of the street!

January 04, 2010   Four men were arrested when their shipment of 23 pounds of Mexican made methamphetamine was intercepted by a 'multi-jurisdictional task force'.  This is the largest seizure of meth headed for alaska, according to Karen L. Loeffler, US Attorney General. Ronald Hall, Debra Steilen, Jared Lisenby and Ricky Reese were arrested.

"The case probably started with a CI, a confidential informant"

My guess is the case probably started with a CI, a confidential informant.  The first break was on March 29th, 2009, when a 1990 Chevrolet pickup truck with 300,000 miles on the odometer was shipped by barge or ferry from Washington to Alaska.  Presumably, a very unhappy driver was stopped and relieved of $12,000.  In the alternative, when the driver picked up the vehicle he found himself short by $12K.  The reports is sketchy on this details, we have made some assumptions.  The FBI press release is at this link:
"Why ship an old truck with high miles?"

If buy money of $12,000 was not a tip off to a drug deal, a few clues made it a sure ringer.  First, the shipped truck had 300,000 miles on it.  After paying shipping charges it was cheaper to buy a truck in Washington.  Records show the truck was shipped three times. 

A second tell is Ron Hall's criminal record.  He has been busted for drug deals before.  Here is probable cause.  A convicted drug peddeler ships a beater truck three times from Alaska to Washington and back, and $12K was confiscated.  Maybe Hall was going to buy a new truck. Common sense says otherwise.  

Ronnie Hall picked up the truck from the Washington shipper and drove to California.  We already know Ronnie was short one lignt bulb from being bright.  He didn't spot the cops tailing him for over a 1000 miles!

Once in California, Ronnie met his 'traveling companion', the lovely Ms. Debra Steilen.  Debra had a nice '05 model Ford Explorer fitted out with a secret compartment.  Drug traffickers have no reason for secret hiding places if they don't have drugs.  The press releases alledge Ronnie crossed the border to Mexico three times in a row, December 10, 11th and 12th of 2009 presumably to consumate his drug buy.

Here is a little information about Crystal Methampheatine:

What do you think Mr. Hall was thinking when he waltzed across the border three times without a hassle?  Convicted drug traffickers get close scrutiny.  The light bulb was probably still out in Hall's brain.  Border Patrol agents are pretty wise.  The last thing DEA agents wanted was a stop on the border.  These guys were after as many of the gang members as they could press charges against, and Ronnie was about to lead them straight to the gang.

After buying his speed, Ronnie and Debbie drove North to Fife, Washington and transportation.  The problem with Alaska is Canada.  A direct trip from one US port to another avoids customs and an extra vehicle search. 
 "The feds pulled a fast one"
According to the DEA, when Debbie Steilin's suv landed in Alaska, the feds pulled a fast one.  They yanked out the crystal meth, and put a fake in it's place.  Baking soda looks good.  They also put in a little present for whomever opened the secret trap door.  They inserted a device that alerted them the minute the compartment was opened.  I will tell you why I think that was done in a moment.

On December 29th, 2009, Ronnie and Debra flew to Anchorage.  A cat by the name of Jared Lisenby picked  the drug members up at the airport.  He took them to his apartment located at  4610 E. 102nd Ave in Anchorage.
"This must be a drug dealer's nightmare"
You can Imagine Hall, Lisenby and Steilen yelling at each other about paying big money for a sack of baking soda!  This must be a drug dealer's nightmare, first losing $12K, then finding out someone did a switch on the goods!  All of those problems might be bad, if they happened, but things were about to get a lot worse. 

When the meth dealers opened the secret compartment the alarm went off.  Anchorage law enforcement was on the scene.  This was a dangerous bust and one must respect the arresting officers for not bragging about the risks they took.  They found 16 firearms including a Benelli semi-automatic shotgun capable of cutting down a squadron in a few bursts.  They also found multiple rifles, body armor, and approximately 3000 rounds of ammunition.  As a prize to law enforcement, they found a ton of money and four pounds of marijuana. Finally Steiling and Hall were probably thinking about their future after the bust.

"I said I was going to tell you why the alarm was important."

Here is why the alarm was important.  The case against Ron Hall looks good from my point of view.  What about Steilen and Lisenby?  Riding in a car from California to Washington state, or picking a dealer up from the airport, is not enough for a conviction.  The prosecuton's needs to show the pair participated or conspired to participate in the plan to deal the drugs.  Possession of the ice makes a pretty good case for dealing or conspiracy to deal.  Lisenby had a bag of the methampheamines in his hands when police showed up  Steilen and Hall were nearby. 

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We are in this together!
As it turns out, our crafty trio had the dope sold before they brought it.  According to investigators, a confidential informant, maybe Steilen, said the crank was destined for the owner of Shooter's Billiards in Wasilla, Alaska.  The hot shot's owner's name is Ricky Reese. 

Imagine what the conversation must have been right before the police busted in.  Were they going to sell 23 pounds of flour to Ricky Reese or take the loss?  Again, just a guess, but with 23 pounds of nothing in their possession, I bet the price had fallen dramatically before law enforcement showed up! 

After the three meth traffickers were in custody, a series of negotiations was had.  Ricky Reese agreed to meet with the 'source' to make the switch, cash for crystal.  Remember, possession is more than 9/10's of the law, possession of 23 pounds of crank means a lot of years dealing with the law.  

"The exchange of money for drugs went down"
The meet was finally made and the propietor of Shooters, would soon be wondering what to do with his life, too.  The exchange went down in the Costco parking lot on Bragaw Road.  The United States Attorney General's Office and a slew of law enforcement agencies had one heck of a feather in their caps.  Taking 23 pounds of methamphetamine off of the streets is a real coup.  According to Attorney General Karen Loeffler, this is the biggest meth seizure in the history of Alaska!

There was a lot of man power in this bust.  The investigation was conducted by the DEA in Seattle, Washington. and Anchorage, Alaska and Port of Seattle Police Department. The Anchorage Police Department's Vice and Special Assignments Unit, the Alaska State Troopers Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Enforcement and Major Offender's Unit, the FBI and the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, the Bureau of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Division assisted in the investigation. The cases are being handled by the United States Attorney's Offices for the District of Alaska and the Western District of Washington.

Hall and Steilen were charged with possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine. Reese and Lisenby are charged with attempting to possess 500 grams or more of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. The mandatory sentence is10 years.  Since Ron Hall is 78, he will probably die behind bars.    Alaska must be tougher on smugglers.  Two men were recently sentenced to lighter terms for the manufacture of meth, a more serious crime.

If the charges stick, the party is over for Reese and Steilen who are in their early 50's.  Lisenby loses his youth as he rots in jail.  Maybe he will think about the youth he robbed from so many people after peddaling crank and weed to them.  Probably not. 

Likely, one of the three will roll on the othter two.  Dealing methamphetamins, the gateway drug marijuana, and probably coke, crack the big H, a/k/a/ heroin or smack, prescription amphetamines, along with the ice, maybe guns, is typical of dealers.  Perhaps that is not the case with these three.  I don't know.  What we do know is the price of crystal meth in Anchorage will likely rise since some of the hot shots got busted.

Every person has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Allegations are upon information and belief.  We must assume all persons are innocent until proven guilty.  I have no personal knowledge of this event, make no allegations, have only expressed opinions.

t: *

Watch out for the Nigerian, warns FBI

The FBI says watch out

For these!

The Jury Scheme

You get a phone call from a clerk or administrator who tells you the great honor of serving on a jury is soon to be yours. They need to verify who you are, of course, and give you dates. That is kind of like the credit card companies who call to tell you the payment is due but before they can discuss your account they need your credit card num
der for identification.  If you refuse to give the information to your government agent, he will threaten you with a fine!

“Of course he is not a government agent he is a crook!”

Of course, he is not a government agent, he is a crook! He preys on innocent people, often elderly or poor, who are easily intimidated. These same people are the ones who get hurt the most because they have so little money to start with.

What you can do:

Call the jury commissioner on the telephone number listed in the book. If you get that number then you probably have the jury commissioner.

Ask the person demanding funds to give their number so you can call them back. If it does not fit with the jury commissioner, then something is rotten in Denmark, and here, too!

“Call the jury commissioner's office.’

Call the jury commissioner's office. She will get to the bottom of the matter for you.

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If you think you are getting taken by a con-man, it is best to check on things early. In this case, watching your credit card statement and reporting theft rapidly will help. The store may still have the criminal on their video tape. At the least, you can minimize the damage.

If you are sure you have been hit by a thief or a gang, cancel your card right away. You won’t be responsible for subsequent charges and the thief may get caught trying to pass a stolen card!

The government does not use credit cards to identify people.

Never give out your social security number, driver’s license number or other identifying information over the phone, unless you know the other party. If you called your credit card company then you have a pretty good idea who you are talking to. If your credit card company calls you, how do you know who it is? It could be a con man who got a copy of one of your old statements!

Call the FBI. You should also alert your local police department who can assist you in making reports to the appropriate agency.

You can read more about these fraud tips from the FBI 'common fraud tips' page!
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Nigerian Letter or "419" Fraud

How would you like the chance of making millions of dollars helping a Nigerian government official transfer money illegally out of the country?

“You must understand there is a bit of larceny
in every one's blood”

Get this! A fellow in Nigeria has millions of bucks and he will give you a very generous percentage of the money if you just help him get the dough out of Nigeria. You must understand there is a bit of larceny in every one's blood, and you must have some of it too because you have to break Nigerian law to get the dough. Heck, it is Nigerian law, who cares?

The scheme appeals to the guy who enjoys being part of something James Bond style, or maybe a little bit on the shady side, namely, breaking the law in Nigeria. The pigeon is approached through email and fax and made an astonishing offer.

“the generous Nigerian offers this great deal
to you, and no one else”

A Nigerian government official needs to get money out of Nigeria illegally. Perhaps this is dirty money or perhaps stolen. No matter, the generous Nigerian offers this great deal to you, and no one else. It is your lucky day! That is because he has ascertained that you have a "propensity for larceny". Out of all the people in the world who can do this you or some lucky pigeon, gets the shot.

Of course, there are expenses in all of this. There are bribes to be paid, those kinds of things. If you front a few bucks then the deal can be done, you get all of your front money back and sit fat and sassy with half of a fortune in the millions! In order to get the deal done, the pigeon is asked to send blank letterheads, bank name and account numbers, as well as identifying information.

“There is no large fortune, the money invested will be lost.”

The friendly Nigerian only needs a small amount, followed by ever increasing amounts. The crooks play the, 'you have put a lot of money in, do you want to lose all of it because you are unable to put up just a little more?' game. That thinking does not work in Las Vegas, and it sure doesn’t work in this scheme. There is no large fortune, the money invested will be lost. Recovery is very difficult if not impossible.
That thinking does not work in Las Vegas
When the pigeon figures out he is on the menu for supper and stops sending money he finds more surprises. What is left of his bank account is emptied, his credit cards and maxed out and the pigeon is lucky if he does not have to file bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Nigeria looks like a very long way from the US considering our pigeon has no money and does not speak the language.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is not sympathetic. The pigeon was involved in a plot to defraud the Nigerian government. The fraud is titled after section 419 of the Nigerian criminal code, hence the name "419 fraud". bank accounts.

Here is the advice the FBI gives for this scheme:

Some Tips to Avoid Nigerian Letter or "419" Fraud:

If you receive a letter from Nigeria asking you to send personal or banking information, do not reply in any manner. Send the letter to the U.S. Secret Service, your local FBI office, or the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. You can also register a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel.

If you know someone who is corresponding in one of these schemes, encourage that person to contact the FBI or the U.S. Secret Service as soon as possible.

Be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as Nigerian or foreign government officials asking for your help in placing large sums of money in overseas bank accounts.

Do not believe the promise of large sums of money for your cooperation.

“Guard your account information carefully.”

Guard your account information carefully.

Be wary of individuals or groups proclaiming that paying federal and/or state income tax is not necessary.

Do not believe that the U.S. Treasury controls bank accounts for all citizens.

Be skeptical of individuals advocating that speeding tickets, summons, bills, tax notifications, or similar documents can be resolved by writing “acceptance for value” on them.

If you know of anyone advocating the use of property liens to coerce acceptance of this scheme, contact your local FBI office.

The best investments are usually in your own back yard. They require patience and a lot of hard work. The get rich dream will always provide another sucker. The question for all of us, 'will we be the next victim?' 

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