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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cross burning to intimidate could cost man 10 years, there is some justice left in America

Hate your brother - Go to jail

The hate laws passed in Arizona with HB 1070 leave one to believe there is no justice left in America.  After all, it is the government who is mandating racial profiling, demanding “papers please”, claiming you can tell an “illegal immigrant” by his shoes and fostering ill feelings and discrimination towards those “of color”.  That is why it is good news to see the federal government take an aggressive role in prosecuting a cross burner!

kkkguardiancropm This picture is from an unrelated article.

It is sad to say it took a federal grand jury, not a local sheriff, to indict Joshua James Moro, 23, for participating in a cross burning which was intended to intimidate an interracial couple and their child in Athens, Louisiana.  On October 28th, 2008, the hate filled Moro helped Earl Danforth build a cross out of small pine trees.  The cross was then set on fire in sight of the inter-racial couple’s home.

This is a wake up call to those who support activities which are designed to cause terror in the hearts of good people.  Little Moro’s role in the burning was to buy the diesel fuel.  For that, he has been charged as a conspirator.  That means he participated in the crime and is considered as guilty as the person who actually put up the cross and set it on fire.

You mean, just buying the diesel fuel to light the fire makes him a conspirator?  The answer is yes.  If you are involved in the slightest in intimidating people who are minorities, be advised:  You are going to face consequences.  You don’t have to do the actual intimidation!  Moro likely had a bigger role than just providing fuel.  He apparently went with cousin Danforth to move and hide the cross when they found out the FBI was investigating their hate filled actions.

One hopes this is a lesson for those who would abuse the law in Arizona.  If local law enforcement does not have the guts or balls to protect minority rights, hello Sheriff,  “Little Joe” Arpaio, then we have our federal government that does.  Arizona goes a long ways to encouraging blatant discrimination.  But there are lines.  Best not cross them!  The country is watching!

Moro has been charged with one count of conspiring to interfere with another person’s civil rights.  His cousin, Daniel Earl Danforth, was convicted this past January for conspiring to burn a cross, using fire to commit a federal felony and obstruction of justice.

If you have been the victim of a civil rights violation hit this phrase to get started on your complaint with the federal government.  Don’t be shy.  Racial intimidation only works when the victims remain silent.

The case was investigated by the FBI and is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary J. Mudrick for the Western District of Louisiana and Trial Attorney Erin Aslan from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Of course, these are allegations only at this point.  All people, even those who have hate in their hearts, are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law!

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