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Friday, April 16, 2010

Arizona Jan Brewer can veto immigration hate bill, please sign petition!

The Republican Arizona legislature has passed a bill that will make it 'illegal' to be illegal. 

In short, the law requires law local enforcement to detain all undocumented workers they contact and hold them for ICE pick-up and deportation.  The law will make it nearly impossible for a person who is a victim of a crime to seek help from local police.

Please help us tell Governor Jan Brewer to veto this bill.  Attached is a petition I ask you to sign.

We are at the dawn of comprehensive immigration reform.  We need your help to pass rational immigration laws.  The solution is not to intimidate an entire population of poor people.  Rather, let's look for a comprehensive plan to strengthen the boarder and help millions of people come into compliance with the law.

Please sign this petition

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Child pornographer framed family friend to steal his wife! Beware who U let use your computer, Ilkka

Ilkka Karttunen was in love with the wife of his co-worker.  He just had to computer theif have her but there was a little problem….she was married and no divorce was pending.  Nor had she made any indication of an interest in Ilkka.  Ilkka was obsessed.  How could he get rid of the husband and then make his play to romance the object of his obsession?

Engineers have their ways.  Some of them have balls, too.  The Finnish engineer, who had lived in Brittan for 15 years, broke into his co-workers home.  The co-worker and her husband were sound asleep upstairs. 

Ilkka went right to work on the family computer that was down stairs.  Using a memory stick, he down loaded pictures of child pornography onto the family computer.  Then he copied the entire disk drive of the computer onto his memory stick. 

Next step?  Ilkka sent a copy of the computer drive with a lovely note from an anonymous source advising the police of the illegal activities of the husband of his co-worker. 

The police responded.  The husband of Ilkka's co-worker was arrested on suspicion of possession of indecent images of children.  The husband was excluded from the family home and was not able to see his children.  He was suspended from his job at work, as they didn’t want a child pornographer in the house.  Let’s just say he was an innocent unhappy camper.

Ilkka’s plan went on for four months.  The prosecutor said it had been carried out with great skill.  However, when Ilkka went to his co-workers home un-announced, suspicions arose.  The investigation turned a small corner.

Essex England

Police searched Ilkka’s home and found a computer in the garden shed.  The memory stick had also been connected to Ilkka’s computer.  

There was a picture of a calendar upon which the co-workers husband had written the time and date of his work schedule.  There were also pictures of family photographs, bank and credit card statements, and a picture of one of the children’s bedrooms. 

Some of this information Ilkka collected while no one was home.  Apparently he had a key to the house!  After all, unbeknownst to anyone, he planned to move in!  Some of the information was collected using a bugging device which was planted in the victim’s home.

After 4 months, the poor chap who had originally been accused was exonerated and allowed to return to his home.  He was traumatized and suffered the disrespect of those in the community. 

Ilkka Karttunen was charged with possession of indecent images of children and harassment and perverting the course of justice.   That is an English way of saying he lied to police officers and claimed he was innocent when he was guilty as holly hell!  The Sun Times has the story.

homes on lake

Essex, England, one of the most photographed places…
but who is lurking behind the walls…

“This had a devastating effect on the family as he was given no access to his young children or his home while he was under investigation and he had to live with the trauma of being accused of crimes against young children, of which he is wholly innocent,” said Suzanne Stringer, of the Crown Prosecution Service. '

Ilkka Karttunen, who lives in Essex in the Southeast of England, will have a new address.  He was found guilty at trial. Now he gets to defend his ass for 54 months in prison.  I bet he counts every day he remains a virgin.  Although Ilkka is an engineer and capable of doing complicated mathematical calculations, I doubt he will need to count very far.

Keep your computer secure.  Mine was recently hacked and adult images placed on my Rescue Children At Risk blog.  I have not decided whether to take the images down or leave them as testament to the sick minds of people like Ilkka Karttunen.






Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Undocumented immigrants advised to leave Arizona Law makes police harassment certain, RIFA and CIR around the corner

Arizona has just passed the most vicious piece of legislation in the United States on the heels of appeals by immigration activists for the passage of fair immigration laws.  Reform Immigration For America (RIFA) brings together a wide range of immigrants rights groups appealing for long needed reforms in immigration laws.


Republican Governor Jan Brewer



Meanwhile, Arizona’s new law makes life in that state difficult, if not dangerous for those who would like to adjust their status and come into compliance with the law.  The new law makes it illegal to be an illegal immigrant.


While crossing the border may be an illegal act, mere presence in the U.S. without documentation is a civil matter, not a criminal matter.  Hence, the term ‘illegal immigrant’ is not descriptive of an undocumented worker’s true status.  Once the person is here he is legal from a criminal point of view.  His presence may violate administrative statutes, however. 


Exceptions exist for those who have been deported and then return.  They are the true “illegal immigrants” and can be sent to prison for up to 10 years for illegal re-entry.  However, most undocumented immigrants are in violation of civil and administrative statutes not criminal statues.



The new Arizona law changes all of that.  The law makes it illegal to be undocumented and in the state of Arizona.  It allows law enforcement to stop any person they suspect is an ‘illegal immigrant’.  If the person is illegal by Arizona’s definition, then the person will be arrested and taken to immigration detention.  Arizona may also impose criminal sanctions on the person including jail time.


The law turns local police into immigration enforcement officers thereby over-taxing the police force.  It also makes approaching Arizona state and local police departments after being a victim of crime very risky.  An undocumented worker who reports being assaulted or robbed will likely find himself in deportation proceedings while the crook goes free!


The Arizona law will soon make its way to the desk of Republican Governor Governor Jan Brewer


If you live in or spend time in any of the following cities you might use one of the zip codes listed below in your message!

86556 Chinle ( 928 )
86323 Chino Valley ( 928 )
86042 First Mesa ( 928 )
86001 Flagstaff ( 928 )
86002 Flagstaff ( 928 ) 85298 Gilbert ( 480 )
85312 Glendale ( 623 )
86403 Havasu City ( 928 )
86435 Havasupai Indian Reservation ( 928 )
86031 Holbrook ( 928 )
86039 Hopi Indian Reservation ( 928 )


Arizona State Capitol 

86030 Hotevilla ( 928 )
86506 Houck ( 928 )
86445 Kingman ( 928 )
86406 Lake Havasu City ( 928 )
86401 Lake Mead Rancheros ( 928 ) 
86342 Lake Montezuma ( 928 )
85239 Maricopa ( 520 )
85277 Mesa ( 480 )
85602 Mescal ( 520 )


on the line

US Border Patrol

86514 Mexican Water ( 928 )
85539 Miami ( 928 )
85755 Oro Valley ( 520 )
85030 Phoenix ( 602 )
85031 Phoenix ( 602 )
85032 Phoenix ( 602 )
85243 Queen Creek ( 520 )
85264 Scottsdale ( 480 )
85266 Scottsdale ( 480 ) 
85267 Scottsdale ( 480 )
86341 Sedona ( 928 )
86351 Sedona ( 928 )
86337 Seligman ( 928 )
85911 Show Low ( 928 )
85388 Sun City ( 623 )
85375 Sun City West ( 623 )
85736 Tucson ( 520 )
85737 Tucson ( 520 )



Brewer is expected to sign the law turning every undocumented worker into a criminal.  Alipac an extreme right wing, Republican supported, political action committee claims credit for passage of this vicious legislation that preys on unfortunate people.

Undocumented workers who are waiting for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) proposed by Democratic senator Luis Gutierrez are advised to immediately leave Arizona pending passage of the bill.  It would be sad to be placed in deportation proceedings on the dawn of the reforms supported by RIFA, Majority Leader Harry Reid and others.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bill to strengthen border, CIR ready, your support critical

Some of us have been waiting for this for nearly 20 years.  Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) that protects the nation’s borders yet props up an expected “labor deficit” as the baby boomers, looking for happy retirement, leave the labor force.  It is expected many US citizens will be encouraged to step up into the higher skill level jobs leaving a massive hole that will have to be filled by those willing to start from the bottom.  We look to our immigrant community to do that.

The first matter addressed by the bill is propping up the nation’s borders:

Comprehensive Immigration Reform for
America’s Security and Prosperity
(CIR ASAP) Act of 2009


Subtitle A – Border Security:
Protecting Our Borders: This subtitle protects United States border cities and communities from violence and crime along the U.S.-Mexico border by:
  • Creating a Southern Border Security Task Force that is composed of federal, state, and local law enforcement  officers 
  • Requiring a security plan for land ports of entry at the borders involved in international trade 
  • Expanding the programs under the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism that is in accordance to the SAFE Port Act

  • Improving the exchange of information between federal agencies on North American Security by a conducting a targeted study of security clearance standards, document integrity, immigration and visa management and coordination, terrorist watch lists and smuggling operations”
coast guard Comprehensive Immigration Reform immediately addresses border security, a sore point with conservatives.  CIR is designed to be comprehensive, to address both sides of the immigration problem.  Without reform the broken immigration system and porous border will continue.  Protecting against terrorist attack is more difficult.

What conservatives are upset about is CIR also addresses problems with immigration.  They prefer to keep the border porous rather than work on a solution that address the entire immigration problem.  While piecemeal programs have been put into place, it is a patchwork of laws used to put band aids on immigration issues, without looking at the problem from a broad view.  For example, we finally have a farm guest worker program in which migrant workers can enter the U.S., work in the fields and then return to their homes in Mexico and points South.  That has keep food prices from going through the roof.

Unfortunately, as each state varies on it’s immigration policies some states are down-right hostile to those from another country. Colorado is so hostile to undocumented workers many documented workers avoid the state if they possibly can.  They don’t want to suffer harassment that comes when law enforcement can’t tell the documented worker from the undocumented worker.  Hence,greeting visitors Colorado continues to fight for enough labor to get it’s crops out of the fields in time. 

The situation has been so dire, Colorado started a convict labor program, paying convicts .60 an hour and charging the farmers more than they would have to pay for migrant workers.  

We have millions of children of undocumented workers who want their chance at an education.  The opportunity to grow one’s mind and improve oneself has always been a corner-stone of the democratic system.  When I was a kid studying history the point was slammed home many times:  A democracy depends upon educated citizens.  If we are to have an educated society access to schools must be available to everyone.   The Dream Act will surely be part of comprehensive immigration reform.

The United States has prided itself on it’s human rights record.  We treat all people fairly, allowing each a chance to make his case with the judge. 

President Bush changed all of that when he started incarcerating prisoners in Guantanamo bay.  The prisoner disappeared with no means of communication to the outside world.  He had no access to an attorney, never appeared in front of a judge, so he just sat, a non-person.  While the US does not participate in torture, we do strap people to a board, cover their mouths with a wet cloth and pour water down their throats so they feel like they are drowning.  “Water-boarding is not torture”  Vice President Cheney under the Bush administration insisted.  

These are the kinds of things that happen in third world countries.  It is a travesty of justice it happened in a US naval base.  The president of the United States, Barak Obama, has worked towards ending this kind of evil treatment.

on the border What does the Guantanamo Bay incident have to do with immigration reform?  Like the Guantanamo prisoners, a person who appears in front of an immigration judge does not necessarily get to see the evidence the government has against him.  In some cases, it takes a Freedom of Information Act filing to compel the government to disclose information called ‘discovery’ which in every other legal proceeding in the land is required.   Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) may address some of these issues.

CIR will help protect the sovereignty of the nation while insuring those who are here get a fair shake.  We are a nation of the ‘fair shake’.  Most of us have a sense of decency.  The problem is, conservative media has tainted our view of the fair shake.  They are prepared to trash border security just to say they won on immigration issues.  Once US citizens get the true facts, I am sure they will make wise decisions.  
Photos compliments of fotosearch
child crying We are all wondering what happened to Mark Udall in this discussion.  Udall is angering a large segment of his Democratic base which may ice future political efforts. 

When a senator is unwilling to take a position on tough issues then one must wonder if he is the right man for the office.  His next effort in the political arena could meet with opposition.  One thing is clear, the Pro-immigration, pro-border security CIR movement is non-partisan.  It will vote for the Democrat or Republican that is willing to tackle this tough matter.  This is a peaceful movement but it is a movement that votes. 

We urge you to call his office immediately and ask him to support CIR or ask him why he is not supporting CIR.  Really, Really, Believe Me, your call will count!  877-768-3255.

Why not keep up to date with the latest changes in the battle for basic human rights in a broken immigration system?  Sign up, suit up, let’s make change for America!