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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Running from the law to Mexico ain't what it used to be!

If you have broken the law and are on the run, you might think twice about crossing the border to Mexico. The US Marshal's Service has had great success in locating and extraditing fleeing felons to our friends on the Southern border recently.

Take the case of Fermin Pucheta-Temich. According to allegations, Pucheta-Temich sexually assaulted a child he was baby sitting. While the victim was in the bathroom, Pucheta-Temich forced his way in and sexually assaulted the victim.

After having his way with the victim, Fermin decided he might find better hunting grounds in Mexico. He also likely figured running would give the guys in the federal penn less of a chance of hunting him! No matter the motive, Fermin fled accross the U.S. border and made his way to D.F., Distrito Federal, also known as Mexico City.

Finding anyone in Mexico City, the largest city in the world, is no easy task. According to news reports, the California Fugitive Task Force of the US Marshal's service went to work. In cooperation with Mexican police agency Agencia Federal de Investgacion, the Marshals Service caught up to the man who alledgedly does ugly things to widdle children.

The San Francisco Police Department also assisted in the apprehension according to US Marshal spokesperson officer Rocha.

Fermin, age 32, was extradited December 4th. He was booked into the San Francisco County Jail with a $2,000,000 bond. Running to Mexico is not only risky, it is expensive!

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