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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Be Careful What You Do In the Bathroom - New Hidden Cam will surprise you!

Be careful what you do in the bathroom these days. There is a new hidden spy cam that could catch you on your haunches, so to speak.

The tiny spy came made by Omejo is concealed in a toilet brush. This is a cool little digital video recorder (dvr) which does not need to be plugged in to work. Nor does it need an external memory device as the 8MG built into the camera is adequate for up to 4 hours of recording.

Omejo says the unit is perfect for police, CIA and detective work and is only available by 'special offer'. I suspect the CIA has more things to do than watch you poop, but in these times, one never knows.

The camera uses the AVI video format which is more difficult to work with than other video formats. It runs until the memory is used up then shuts off. It has an internal, rechargeable battery which is a popular item for consumers. I am not sure what they are going to say to the kids when they have a toilet brush connected to the computer, but I am sure they will think of something!

Depending upon how the spy cam is used, owners can expect one or two felony counts. The first is for invasion or privacy. It is illegal in most states to take pictures of people when they have the "expectation of privacy" offered in the bathroom. If the unit is used to record conversations, a second felony may be committed, as it is illegal in some states to record conversations unless both parties to the conversation are in agreement about the recording.

I am not sure how the law would view recording other noises common to toilet rooms if there were no human conversation!

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