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Friday, December 11, 2009

If you are going to murder someone don't talk about it!

Any attorney worth his salt will advise his client to 'exercise his right to remain silent'. That especially applies in murder cases.

Fortunately for law enforcement, and for you and me too, the average crook or murderer blabs before he ever get to law enforcement. That is what happened to drug lord and murder suspect "Cross", a member of a Mexican cocaine trafficking cartel.

According to testimony, Cross, whose real name is Christopher Perez, murdered a fellow member of the cartel, Miguel Angel Chaidez-Esparza, who is also known as Noe Alfredo Castro-Loera, or "Noe". Unfortunately for Noe, 70 Kilograms of cocaine disappeared in transport. That adds up to a lot of money and Cross wanted to know where the dope went to. He and other members of the cartel kidnapped Noe and asked him a few questions about the whereabouts of the cocaine.

From a Mexican drug lord's perspective you can imagine what 'asking a few questions' really means. Let's just say that Noe would rather have been someplace else. After the questioning was finished, or perhaps as part of the questioning, Noe was suffocated with duct tape.

Unfortunately for Cross, the ego of drug lords is usually at it's zenith. Smuggling drugs and getting away with it makes one arrogant when it comes to law enforcement. So here is Cross, plain proud of being a drug lord and a cold blood killer, talking to one of his 'associates'.

I guess you can't trust anyone these days. The associate turned out to be an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Cross found himself indicted for the murder of Noe. Both he and his attorney likely wished he had exercised his right to silence long before meeting law enforcement.

Since Cross is not my client I can clearly say, hooray for the DEA. These guys work hard putting trash where they belong. They take a lot of personal risks in doing it. We are lucky to have the DEA on our side, and not the other way around!

I don't recommend you kill anyone one. If you just can't help yourself then don't be stupid enough to talk about it. If you get caught and you are not my client, I hope you don't get off as easy as Cross did. The death penalty is what he should have gotten, not 30 years. But then the death penalty isn't what is used to be, and at least it is not duct tape which suffocates.

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