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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Little Rock Pimp Gets 10 on the Rock for Child Porn Prostitute

Doing the dirty with a kiddy is bad enough; rent that kiddy for someone else to do the dirty and you are scum!

Everett Cooney also known as "Bear", of Little Rock, Ak, gets 7.5 years for pimping a young lady who was between '14 and 18' years of age.  Reportedly, Cooney convinced a minor to participate in sex for hire.  The only problem was, Coony was the 'employer and the bonnie be notchit was the innocent victim prostitute.  Some bloke off of the street looking for a quick hand job, blow job or 'the works' was the client.  When a patron was willing to hire the young girl of the night Cooney was right there picking up his cut. 

The truth is, Cooney was nothing short of a brute.  He is accused of using "force, fraud and coercion to cause juvenile girls and adult women to engage in commercial sex acts".  In other words, Bitch, do it or you will pay!
"she was forced to engage in 'commercial sex acts"
Pimp Cooney admitted to some of his acts today in court.  He said he knew the girl was underage, maybe 14 to 18.  He knew her initials were "DB".  He admitted she was forced to engage in 'commercial sex acts' and that Cooney benefited from the show.  The original indictment was dismissed likely meaning Cooney could have gone to trial on a much worse slate of charges.  If convicted on them all he was staring life imprisonment in the teeth. 

Cooney’s co-defendant, Tommy Handy, also known as "tom tom" plead guilty to a charge of sex trafficking on October 23, 2009. Pursuant to the plea agreement, the full slate of charges was dismissed against him, as well.  Just as in Cooney's place, if perpetratpr Handy had gone to trial on all of the carges he would have been facing prison justice for the rest of his life..  As it is, Handy's plea exposes him to a minimum time in pokeyville of 10 years to life.  If he leaves the facility alive, considering the distaste for child molestors by cons, then there is a fair chance Tommy Handy will have to register as a sex offender.  He won't be able to brandish the weapon he had on him when arrested. Bear and Tom Tom arrested - pimping little girls
"They know how to cut down on run risks"

This judge is no dummy.  Handy is being kept in the lock up until he is sentenced, whereupon he will be remanded to custody.  They know how to cut down on run risks.  It is also an indication of how severe a sentence Tommy Handy is looking at.  The longer the term the judge expects to give, the less reason to let the convict out on bail.News story on the pediphiles amd pimps

If you have been the victim of sexual exploitation and are under age, or you are a prostitute seeking to come in from the cold, to reunite with your family, to have a normal life, let us know.  We can put you in touch with people who can help.  We will assist you in getting away from your abusive pimp.  We undestand what you are going through and we care.

If you have a child who is missing, or who has fallen into the pit of wild sex, pornography, drugs, crime, let us know.  Post their pictures here.  Let's try to find them and see if we can help you reunite your family!

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