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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ken Buck Talks Toxic Gay Teens At Risk


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Senatorial candidate Ken Buck says being gay is a choice rather than a condition acquired a birth.  “Toxic” talk similar to Buck’s led to the suicide of gay teen, Zach Harrington, in Norman, Oklahoma, in Early October.  Zach was the 6th teen to take his own life during the past two months. 



Michael Bennett and Ken Buck on Meet The Press

"I think that birth has an influence over it, (homosexuality) like alcoholism and some other things” Buck said during a debate between himself and Michael Bennett on Meet the Press.  Buck and Bennett are in a horse race for the U.S. Senate in Colorado.

“But I think that basically you have a choice."  Buck continued.

Alcoholics lead a tough life and often harm others.  For those who don’t get help, the end comes in an insane asylum, a prison or the morgue.  No one wants to be an alcoholic. 

Tying homosexuality to drunk drivers, or to something society detests, is to suggest both are bad people.  This is the kind of subtle hate-speak and “toxic talk” which led to the suicide of Harrington and some of the other 6 dead teens. 

Alcoholism is considered a disease by the international organization Alcoholics Anonymous.  It is acquired at birth or shortly thereafter, their literature says. 

Homosexuality was considered a disease under decades old psychiatric theory.  However, in 1973, it was dropped as a mental disturbance in the DSM II, just as leeching blood was dropped as a useless cure in medicine long before.  Buck’s remarks tying sick alcoholics with “sick” homosexuals is a slur to gay people.  

That is where the “choice” part comes in.  If Buck is right and being gay is a choice, then those who consider it an immoral choice claim the high ground.   Decades of studies show the part of choice in sexual orientation is, whether to practice or not.  The desire and attraction remain forever and are not a choice. 

Forcing gay men into straight relationships spells disaster.  The wife never feels truly loved.  The man may cheat with another man.  The children are raised by a father who is never able to be himself and a mother who feels she deserved better.

Michael Bennett said "I absolutely believe he's (Ken Buck) outside the mainstream of views on this."

Unthinking adults and youth have bullied and belittled young gay teens for years.  Recently, such thoughtless actions led to a rash of of gay teens suicides.  In Norman Oklahoma, the remarks, some subtle some not, suggest gays are not normal people, that others don’t want to live with them, gays and pedophiles the same.  A lifetime full of rejection overspills and the teen takes drastic action.  This especially happens when the teen feels adults are judging him, like state senators.  If the adults are against him, then there will never be justice.   There is no where to turn, no way out.

This is not the first time Buck has been in hot water about sexual issues.  He has received criticism from women’s groups for not prosecuting a 2005 rape case when Buck was working for the District Attorney's Office in Northern Weld County, Colorado.  The victim insisted she was drugged and subjected to date rape.  The alleged perpetrator admitted the victim said “no” to sex.  Buck still would not take the case saying it was just a matter of “buyer’s remorse”.

Ken Buck is defining himself.  His archaic thinking on gays and date rape are clear.  He is against abortion even in the event of rape.  This thoughtless ”toxic” talk is the kind of speech that encourages juvenile bullies to molest their  gay peers.   Will voters move ahead in progressive thinking or will they take a large step back in gay rights, abortion and the right of a woman to say “NO”  to sex?  Stay tuned to Colorado.




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