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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hickenlooper up 13% Over Tancredo for Colo Gov


Article first published as Hickenlooper Leades Tancredo 13 Points For Colo Gov on Technorati.


hickenlooper facebooksm

Mayor John Hickenlooper from web site


Public Policy Polling (PPP) says John Hickenlooper is far ahead of both the Republican candidate Dan Maes and American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo in the race for the Colorado governorship.  According to the poll, Hickenlooper has a 47% to 33% lead over Tancredo.  Maes has the final 13%.


tancredoiism Former Colorado House of Representatives Tom Tancredo

Tancredo, formerly a Republican, angered Republicans and Tea Party members when he left the Republican Party and signed his allegiance to the American Constitution Party in order to get onto the ballot.  That placed him into direct competition with the winner of the Republican primary, Dan Maes.




Tancredo chose not to oppose Maes during the Primary.  However, when Maes failed to make a strong showing afterwards, Tancredo switched party allegiance in order to get on the ballot.  A legal challenge was filed asserting state law requires a candidate who switches parties to do so within one year prior to the party primary.  Tancredo’s switch was at the last minute.  A judge ruled the by-laws of the party controlled and Tancredo could run.

Dan Maes

Some Tea Party members were unhappy with the Tancredo switch because Tancredo had urged them to continue their support of the Republican Party in 2009.  His party switch was a reversal of own advice.

“Tom Tancredo has nobody’s interest in mind other than his own,” Dick Waldham, head of the Republican Party said. 

Tancredo and Maes met recently to see if one or the other would drop out of the race.  Tancredo insists Maes should drop since he trails in the polls.  Maes was the rightful winner of the primary and wants to continue his role as is his obligation as the party nominee.  Tancredo insists it is the voice of the conservative that counts, not the party.

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