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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are immigrants a cover for a dirty Sheriff Arpaio?


So much that is happening in Arizona with the undocumented people makes no sense.  For example, Sheriff “Little Joe” Arpaio and his barrio raids make no sense to me!  Why wouldn’t this brave sheriff go after drug dealers instead of poor people?

One possible answer came to me when I was talking to a businessman in one of the Phoenix barrios.  He owns a tire shop and business is not great, but he is making a go of it.  Not long ago, he was approached by a man who offered him “protection” against one of the Maricopa County gangs!  All he had to do was pay 10% of his income and there would be no problem with gang activity!

Right here in River City is a hot-shot sheriff who consistently attacks the undocumented community.  These are poor people trying to make a buck to feed their families and still send something home to mom.  At the same time, gangs are shaking down honest Latino businesses.  Where is Little Joe Arpaio now?

Then I got to thinking.  Heck, with up to 900 officers and posse-up volunteers, there is plenty of man power to hit the Phoenix drug dealers.  Instead, what we are hearing about are the busts of undocumented workers.  In fact, every time Little Joe opens his mouth the press come running.  But they never seem to get around to asking about crime in the city.  Why not?

Many people don’t know, but Sheriff Little Joe Arpaio was the head of the DEA in Arizona before winning the hearts of conservative Arizona.  Since then, a river of drugs has started pouring through Phoenix on it’s way to various U.S. destinations.  Sheriff Little Joe has been surprisingly ineffective in doing much about the increased trafficking.  He sure is good at finding undocumented workers!

So no one misunderstands, I make no claim Sheriff Joe Arpaio is dirty.  I don’t know.  But considering his expertise in with the DEA, one must wonder why he has decided to concentrate on poor people instead of drug dealers.  What do you think?