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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Conservatives lose opportunity for slam dunk on immigration, Shawn Hannity, Lou Dobbs and Bill O'Reily laugh

As Arizona passes stringent laws like Arizona HB 10710, requiring detention of undocumented workers and the proposed SB 1097, which requires reporting the children of undocumented workers, conservatives are losing a grand opportunity! Comprehensive immigration reform ( cir ) proposed to be placed in front of Congress is marginally beneficial to immigrants while strongly advocating for border security.  Now is a great time for conservatives to get exactly what they want.

HB 1070 has done what no immigrants right's activist has yet been able to do:  Bring the plight of millions of undocumented workers to the attention of the American public.  As the sleeping majority awaken, they are astounded at the stories of discrimination and unfair treatment they are hearing. 

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After 911, the only side to the immigration issue was the conservative radio and cable rhetoric like the Shawn Hannity show and Lou Dobbs and his broken borders anti-immigration campaign.  Most Americans are fair minded.  When armed with the facts, many of us, including staunch conservatives, say “but that is not right!”   The phrase "not right" means a variety of things. 

It is not right to require the state slogan by the state patrol to be “documents please”.  It is not right undocumented workers are on the road without insurance simply because they cannot get driver’s licenses

It is not right a woman with breast cancer cannot get treatment until she is on her death bed as applies in Colorado and Arizona.  It is not right children cannot get an education even when they were brought to the U.S. as tikes.  It is not right mothers are torn from their children and families are forced to fend for themselves when a father is deported to a foreign place. 

It is not right for the State of Arizona to advocate racial profiling of all people who “illegal”.  Don't worry, your local police department can tell the difference!

If conservatives want to drive the spike into the heart of the immigration reform movement the best thing they can do is support comprehensive immigration reform ( cir ).  Under the proposed law ( CIR ) the borders are secured, huge funding is provided for the safety of our nation’s sea ports and leagues of new border patrol agents are to be hired.  Subsequently, those who are here “without papers, please” can find a way to documentation after a lengthy period of 8 years and a hefty fine.  When totaled the fine could equal $3 billion to Uncle Sam.  That should be of interest to those who drink tea.  

You have to wonder what Jan Brewer, Tom Tancredo, Sheriff “little joe” Arpaio, tea party junkies, Shawn Hannity, Bill O’Reily as he factors in his fair and unbiased reporting, Lou Dobbs and his broken borders and the rest of the ultra conservative movement are thinking!

Failure to support comprehensive immigration reform ( CIR ) is a foolish error on the part of conservatives.  As time goes on, the pro-immigration movement grows stronger.  Immigration as “a wedge issue” is likely to cost Republicans votes in the November elections.  Unfortunately the conservative minority is so doubled over laughing over the tragic consequences of Arizona HB 1070 and 1097, they cannot see the gold in their own hands.  As goes the conservative minority so goes the Republican party.  Despiertase!


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