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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sheriff arpaio answers RIFA immigration reform by sending 400 cops on round up

Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio

anwers call for immigration reform


hateful crackdown on
undocumented workers.

Sheriff "Little Joe" Arpaio is at it again according the Eduardo Barraza, Barrizona Magazine Editor  I call the good sheriff  “little Joe” Arpaio because that is what a bully with a badge is. Little.

Sometimes we find good things come from bad things. It will be interesting to see. It is tragic Little Joe is on the rampage again. He is responding to the Reform Immigration For America (RIFA) march on Washington Sunday, March 21st, 2010. According to the Sheriff Arpaio press release his response to a call for immigration reform is to marshal 400 sheriff’s officers, state troopers, local police and militia fanatics from the private sector for a witch hunt for Mexican terrorists hiding near Phoenix, Arizona.

Well maybe they are not terrorist. First of all, A fair number are not Mexican Nationals. If this raid is like the last ones 28%, or 203 of the over 700 people arrested, will be legal citizens. Almost assuredly, the majority will be Hispanic. How do we know that?

"Asking help from the law in Maricopa County, Arizona, is asking for trouble"

Most will also be from the lower echelons of the work force. These legal US Citizens and legal resident aliens will be yanked off of the street, pulled away from their families, frantic for bond money and worried their employer will give them the boot for not showing up for work the next day.

About 500 of Arpaio's victims might be undocumented workers. These are the guys who take the tough jobs and hope their employers pay them. If they don't, there is not much the worker can do.  Asking help from the law in Maricopa County is asking for trouble. But then you don't have to be a undocumented worker to know that.  Those who don't have "papers" including rape, theft and assault victims, have a tough time calling the police.  So they suffer like all victims of terrorism.

Unfortunately, the one who is terrorizing poor people in Maricopa County is "Little Joe" Sheriff Arpaio. He is a US Citizen, by the way.

Why did these folks end up on the wrong side of the law? The Arpaio theory is to go to poor neighborhoods where a foreign language is predominantly spoken and look for problems. Do you have a broken windshield? You are getting stopped. Headlight out? You are getting stopped. Light bulb over your license plate out? You are getting stopped. Do you breathe and are you Hispanic traveling in a poor neighborhood? You are probably going to get stopped!

Not to worry if you are Hispanic and an American Citizen. Arpaio's officers will know the difference between you and an undocumented worker just by looking.  Sheriff "Little Joe" Arpaio has trained “all of my 900 deputies” in illegal immigration laws.  Well they make a few mistakes deciding who is legal and who is not.  Over 200 US Citizens were mistaken for illegal aliens and detained during past raids! No one gets it right all of the time! Come on!  It was only 200 citizens and lawful permanent residents stopped and detained who turned out to be here legally.

"'Little Joe' Arpaio has a bit of a problem with the truth"

Arpaio says he ordered all 900 of his deputies to be property trained to enforce illegal immigration laws. The Department of Homeland Security took away federal authority for a crack unit of 100 deputies trained by ICE to act in the place of Federal Immigration officials.

Little Joe Apraio has a bit of a problem with the Truth. Arpaio was using the special unit to bully the immigrant community which is why the US Government withdrew Arpaio’s authority. Today’s raids are just one example of a bully with a badge.

Arpaio sees it differently.  In his press release he brags about attacking focus on the growing problem of illegal alien drop houses, drug violators, and load vehicles used to haul illegal alien human cargo into Maricopa County.  Lost in the translation, in fact, lost in the National debate, is the reason for the crack down on mid-night border crossings, terroritst.  Sheriff "Little Joe" Arpaio does not mention catching one terrorist in all of his 37,000 undocumented worker arrests.

I said sometimes good things come from bad. How can something good come from a 78 year old fruit cake who orders 400 officers off of their normal crime beats to chase down poor Mexicans with broken windshields?

Victims of hate

Protestors pepper sprayed

"It worked in the Fatherland.  I don't think it will work in the Homeland"

The answer: If anyone had second thoughts about how important immigration reform is, Arpaio has reminded us. Immigration reform in the US is critical. Thanks "Little Joe".

Law enforcement in Maricopa County in Phoenix, Arizona is out of control thanks to “Little Joe”, Sheriff Arpaio. A knock on the door in the middle of the night, crying children, families splintered, desperate wives, the disappeared, the fear of law enforcement, all of this is the result of “900 deputies, all of whom are now in a position to enforce immigration laws” the Sheriff Arpaio way.

It worked in the father land Little Joe. I don’t think it will work in the homeland! Do You?


Pepper Spray Clean up

"Arpaio beats illegal alien"

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