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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Arriba RIFA! Washington March a BIG HIT! C U In Las Vegas!

Big Hearts, Big Hopes, Dreaming the Act
Reform Immigration For America NOW!

Si se puede si se quiere

Over 200,000 people took time out of their day to journey to the nation’s capital to SAY YES to immigration reform.  Some say it was more like 500,000! 

Millions more watched, wishing they could be there in body.  They were there in spirit…and in their hopes…and in their dreams…and in their patriotism…for the biggest day in civil rights history during the 21st century came…and went…on Sunday, March 21st, 2010.

Here to stay are the hopes a mother has for her children.  That they may find in America what she only dreamed of finding for herself.  In many cases that means food on the table every day; an honest and just system of government;  A roof over her head instead of a packing crate; An education; Opportunity;  A chance to make this a better country.  When immigration reform passes, and it will pass with your help, mom will have what all moms really dream of:  That her children have a better life then she did.

Here to stay is the hope we can keep our family units intact, rather than splintering them between the US and foreign lands.  Immigrants who have the support of strong families are more likely to contribute to society, pay taxes, and start businesses that create jobs.  Children who grow up with fathers and mothers are likely to be more adjusted and better equipped to contribute to the American society. 

Here to stay is hope the years of oppressive thinking from a nation in fear from 911 has finally passed.  Everyone wants to improve national security, including those who will be staying here as naturalized citizens!  The question is how do were humanely control our borders and treat our neighbors as our brothers?  Rational immigration reform will mend a broken system, allow farmers and factories and labor intensive businesses to acquire the workers they need, and allow our border patrol to concentrate on the evil people who want to do harm to our country, rather than chase poor people through the desert.

Can't Stop ===== Won't Stop!
The next rally for America is in Las Vegas,
April 10, 2010 – 12pm – 3pm

333 Las Vegas Blvd. South

"Can't stop, won't stop!" says Carlos Saavedra,

Arriba Rifa
Aqui Estamos y No Vamos!

We are on the dawn of a new day for America.  What was impossible yesterday is within our fingertips today.  We must continue with the battle, bring truth to the forefront.  The people of the United States of Amercia can make good decisions when they get the honest facts from the media.  Part of the problem has been a media which has failed to show the plight of immigrants struggling to be free, the oppression they suffer under unjust laws, the discrimination, based upon economic status and national origin. 

Poor people from countries that don't speak English have not been able to make their case about the abuses they are suffering. 

HELP US SPEAK OUT! The time for change is now!

Si se puede!

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