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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eyes in the skies of the ladies stalls, U R a Movie Star!

Smile, there is a camera above your toilet stall!

A lot of young lovelies want to break into movies. This is especially true with the movers ans shakers. Breaking into mFont sizeovies was exactly what many of these unwitting young lovlies were doing when they went to 'powder their noses'.

As it turned out, when the gal entered her booth and disrobed, her performance was being video taped. We are not sure whre those video tapes wer intent for, but one thing is sure: The ladies were subject to sexual exploitation and and forms of sexual violations depending uponthe evidence.

Tiny cameras are the rage now. They make a unit that is so small it is dificult to spot. Some come with a pin hole and a screw so they look very nature where they all. All you see is the screw. How do you kknow you are being watched in the first place? My suggestion is, if you have a sixth sense it will help you the most.

How can you do to stop it? One, be careful how much skin your show public rest rooms? Be careful, keep as veiled as you can. Always peruse the ceiling and walls to see if there is something that looks like it is out of order. Any thing with a pin hole light should be suspicous! You can also take sweepers in to see if they pick anythign up.

Buy a pin hole camera to see how it works. There are lots of applications that work fine, likely putting it inyour

Look at the floor and stall walls. Does it look like someone spilled someting that ran doen the partition walls, or onto the floor" If it is a male emission then you are hanging aound play pin of a voyuer. Maybe it is time to find a different bathroom.

Understanding the law when it comes to recodeing of these kinds of thinks keeps you on your toes. In short, any place you would have the expectation of privacy. For example, in a men's room looking down the corrodor, men cannot expect a zone of privacy in the corridor. If they walk into this general tolet hall, no one is supposed to be there naked and so, it likely would not be considered a violation of privacy. Now move this same cat to the urinal or the toilet stall and take the same pic. Are you violating privacy rights? You bet you are.

An interesting case came out serveral years about about a large department store with a big restroom and a lot of guys hanging around for a long time. Finally, the store came up with the brilliant idea. Why don't they drop a cam at foot level? Then, if a guy did the regular thing all they would see are pants and underware and nothing elde. If the client did this, and then went to his knees so the other guy could masturbate him.

The issue was, when the large store showed guys with their underware down to their ankles was that an invation? The problem was, the store also showed some men on their hands and knees having sex beneath the stall wall. The judge ruled that it was not! So be careful what you show beneath the stall wall!

These new spy cameras are really cute. The temptation is to commit a felony with them by doing your first feature film. The actual filming of it is not likely illegal. However, to keep that mandtle of protection, keep the cam out of the Spain - The owner of a wedding venue and disco in Cazorla (Jaén) has been arrested after police discovered spy cams he had installed in the women's toilets.

C.D.M.V. (30), a local resident of Cazorla and owner of El Clan, a popular local disco and restaurant, installed secret cameras in the stalls of the toilets in the Ladies of his establishment "with the intention of procuring indecent images", according to the police report.

The police say that images from as long ago as the 8th of December 2008 were found on the hard drive. The police operation was launched after a woman discovered one of the cameras and notified authorities.

Police are now attempting to discover if the man was working with any organised group or if any of the images have been uploaded to the internet. (more)
Posted by Kevin D. Murray, CPP at 10:15 AM
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