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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Brownsville Texas couple were arrested and convicted for bringing undocumented workers into the United States for the purposes of prostitution. At least one of these victims was only 14 years of age.

Juan Luis Coronado, aka Juan Luis Hernandez, 37, and Lee Ann Zieger, 40, worked together to recruit Mexican citizens for their prostitution business. According to reports, Coronado convinced Ziegler to recruit several people to cross the border and work for them.for their prostitution business.

Once in the U.S. the new recruits were housed in a Brownsville motel which Zieger managed. When clients visited, a key was provided to a room where the Mexican nationals exchanged sexual favors for money. The key was labeled "property management".

When the recruited prostitutes were not working hard in Brownsville, they got to spend time in posh South Padre Island. Their time was not spent as tourists, however. Coronado put them to work at "Bike Fest" on South Padre and another location in down town Brownsville.

The pair will have some time to think about what they have done, perhaps as sort of sex slaves themselves. Coronado received 87 months in prison and Zieger 24 months. When Coronado is released he will also have to register as a sex offender.

Ice and US Cutoms and Border Inspection investigated the case over a 14 month period. The arrest and conviction of Coronado and Zigeir takes two more monstors off of the street who prey on desperately poor people.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Leonardo, Southern District of Texas, prosecuted this case


  1. The woman should of got more time! She willing did it.

    1. Yes, she should have gotten much more time. Great observation and thanks for leaving the comment!

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