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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Child pornographer framed family friend to steal his wife! Beware who U let use your computer, Ilkka

Ilkka Karttunen was in love with the wife of his co-worker.  He just had to computer theif have her but there was a little problem….she was married and no divorce was pending.  Nor had she made any indication of an interest in Ilkka.  Ilkka was obsessed.  How could he get rid of the husband and then make his play to romance the object of his obsession?

Engineers have their ways.  Some of them have balls, too.  The Finnish engineer, who had lived in Brittan for 15 years, broke into his co-workers home.  The co-worker and her husband were sound asleep upstairs. 

Ilkka went right to work on the family computer that was down stairs.  Using a memory stick, he down loaded pictures of child pornography onto the family computer.  Then he copied the entire disk drive of the computer onto his memory stick. 

Next step?  Ilkka sent a copy of the computer drive with a lovely note from an anonymous source advising the police of the illegal activities of the husband of his co-worker. 

The police responded.  The husband of Ilkka's co-worker was arrested on suspicion of possession of indecent images of children.  The husband was excluded from the family home and was not able to see his children.  He was suspended from his job at work, as they didn’t want a child pornographer in the house.  Let’s just say he was an innocent unhappy camper.

Ilkka’s plan went on for four months.  The prosecutor said it had been carried out with great skill.  However, when Ilkka went to his co-workers home un-announced, suspicions arose.  The investigation turned a small corner.

Essex England

Police searched Ilkka’s home and found a computer in the garden shed.  The memory stick had also been connected to Ilkka’s computer.  

There was a picture of a calendar upon which the co-workers husband had written the time and date of his work schedule.  There were also pictures of family photographs, bank and credit card statements, and a picture of one of the children’s bedrooms. 

Some of this information Ilkka collected while no one was home.  Apparently he had a key to the house!  After all, unbeknownst to anyone, he planned to move in!  Some of the information was collected using a bugging device which was planted in the victim’s home.

After 4 months, the poor chap who had originally been accused was exonerated and allowed to return to his home.  He was traumatized and suffered the disrespect of those in the community. 

Ilkka Karttunen was charged with possession of indecent images of children and harassment and perverting the course of justice.   That is an English way of saying he lied to police officers and claimed he was innocent when he was guilty as holly hell!  The Sun Times has the story.

homes on lake

Essex, England, one of the most photographed places…
but who is lurking behind the walls…

“This had a devastating effect on the family as he was given no access to his young children or his home while he was under investigation and he had to live with the trauma of being accused of crimes against young children, of which he is wholly innocent,” said Suzanne Stringer, of the Crown Prosecution Service. '

Ilkka Karttunen, who lives in Essex in the Southeast of England, will have a new address.  He was found guilty at trial. Now he gets to defend his ass for 54 months in prison.  I bet he counts every day he remains a virgin.  Although Ilkka is an engineer and capable of doing complicated mathematical calculations, I doubt he will need to count very far.

Keep your computer secure.  Mine was recently hacked and adult images placed on my Rescue Children At Risk blog.  I have not decided whether to take the images down or leave them as testament to the sick minds of people like Ilkka Karttunen.






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