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Friday, December 10, 2010

Republicans Propose New DADT Provisions–Liberals Held Hostage

This article originally published as Republicans Propose New DADT, Hold Country Hostage on Technorati by Tim Paynter

The Republican Senate’s “No Vote” pledge is holding DADT and the entire nation hostage pending the granting of unfunded tax and estate benefits to the wealthiest people in the nation.

Even though there were enough votes to pass Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell yesterday, December 9th, 2010, nothing is going to happen until wealthy people line their pockets at the tax payer’s expense.

That is the message the Republican Caucus delivered to Senator Harry Reid, Joe Solmonese of the HRC and those who have worked hard to bring justice to the military.  Lisa Murkowski, (R-Al) and Scott Brown (R-Ma), said they will vote for DADT. But not before congress passes an extension of tax cuts which only benefit the top 2 percent of the people in the United States, a fact well reported on NPR.  Republicans added a little kicker with the estate tax.  There is no benefit to anyone other than the highest fraction of one percent of the nation's wealthiest people.  This provision won't help the average businessman.

Meanwhile, the Republicans scream about a deficit which is so far out of control the nation’s currency, forever the strongest in the word, is no longer accepted by many countries.  The value of the greenback is in question for a country in the process of transferring it's wealth from the poor to the wealthy through the tax base.

Clearly, the Republicans came away from the last election with a mandate: The people want our law makers to help the wealthiest bulge their pockets.  In the process, maybe as a bribe, law makers will leave a little on the table for middle class businessmen, but not in the case of the estate tax which will only benefit the super-rich.

First the hippopotamus satiates his huge belly. The crumbs in the form of social programs, DADT, the Start treaty, the Dream Act, come second, if at all.  The crumbs in the form of the financial welfare of the middle class and poor count for nothing.  A leader sacrifices himself, if for no better reason than to be an example to those who must also suffer.  The sickness of selfishness has soaked the nation's rich to the point in which an over-weight hippo who lacks for nothing, grasps for even more, while trampling on everything that is just.

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Democrats came away from the last election with a mandate: Take care of the economy, and protect the middle and lower classes from those who wantonly loot the treasury while begrudging the poor anything.

Shortly, both Republicans and Democrats must wrest public benefits away from those who need help the most. They are speaking about raising the age to qualify for social security, severe cuts in health care, closing of schools, removal of the mortgage tax deductions for home owners and a host of other sacrifices under an austerity program which inevitably leads to a significant lower standard of living for most.

As champions of the austerity program, the Republican Caucus exhibits the worst kind of leadership possible. There is a new Don't Ask, Don't tell on the table.  "Don’t look at the millions of tax dollars we are stuffing into our underwear, and we won’t tell you how poor you are becoming."

If we don't give the greediest generation in the history of the nation what they want, there will be no social reform.  If we do cave to unbridled greed, after they belch, perhaps the Republican Caucus will think of businessmen, the unemployed, undocumented students seeking the American Dream, poor people and those who think there should be equality and justice in the military.  I would not hold my breath. 

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