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Friday, November 5, 2010

Boy Dead, Two Youths Face Murder, It Was Just a TV

Article first published as Boy Dead, Two Face Murder In Botched Burglary on Technorati.


Johnathan Michael-Andrew Greth, dead age 17

greth iii
The lives of three Arizona youths will be changed forever as a home burglary went terribly wrong. One of the three is dead. The other two face murder charges.  A community is taking sides, some against the boys, most for.

Johnathan Michael-Andrew Greth, 17, of Buckeye, Arizona died after reportedly being shot in the back. He was in a vehicle with two pals, Matthew Christopher Peters, 20, and Joseph Lambert Domingo-Metcalf Jr., 18, when he was shot while the three were fleeing a house they had just broken into.


Joseph Lambert Domingo-Metcalf Jr.

According to a report released by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, two neighbors saw the three boys loading up a large TV into a blue Blazer.  One of the neighbors tried to stop the thieves by shooting his .22 caliber pistol “in the vicinity” of the truck the boys drove as a get-away vehicle.  Greth was hit in the back, went into convulsions, and died shortly afterwards.


The body of Greth was found dumped at the T/A Truck Stop in Tonopah, Arizona. The Sheriff’s Department rounded up Peters and Domingo-Metcalf Jr. in an apartment in Goodyear, Arizona. They will be charged under Arizona’s felony murder rule.



Under felony murder, when a person is killed during the commission of a felony, those who participated in the felony, or co-conspirators, can be convicted as if they are guilty of first degree murder, even if they didn’t kill the person. In this case, no violence was apparently intended by any of the boys, especially not one against another. Yet, the law allows prosecution of both surviving men as if they had intentionally pulled the trigger.


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