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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Belmont University Says No Fags, Bridge Builders NOT

This article originally published as "No Fags At Belmont University" by Tim Paynter on Technorati

As high schools across the nation pass the message, “It gets better” to gay teens, an institution of higher education is passing the message, “No fags here”. Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, does not think that sort of thing should be openly supported in a student group. But they will let students talk about homosexuality.

Robbie Maris, an undergrad with the University, says talk is cheap. He is unhappy his proposal for a new gay student group to be called “Belmont Bridge Builders” was not approved.

Robbie Maris

Robbie is not alone in wanting a support group. If the prophets at Christian values Belmont University think suicide is limited to high schoolers, they have some tough lessons coming. Well known is the tragic story of Tyler Clementi who jumped from a bridge when roommates allegedly video streamed Clementi having sex with another male student.  Clementi might have benefited from a college coming out group.

Belmont’s reaction to the Maris proposal was, no gay groups here, but “Beginning last spring, a university sponsored discussion group on these issues has convened twice monthly and expects to continue for the duration of this academic year.”


In other words, Belmont is willing to have those who are brave enough to come out of the closet meet with those who would like to keep them in the closet for a stacked deck “discussion” about being gay and being Christian. What is wholly lacking is an understanding by school administrators of the need gay college students have for peer support. You don’t get that through a discussion group comprised of straight boys who don’t have a clue what it means to be a gay man discussing gay issues with young people who do.  But then, open minds are not often sought on Christian campuses.

On Belmont's web page, one of the students is quoted as saying:

"At Belmont, the professors knew me by name, cared about me, and helped me pursue my passion."  Perhaps true for University administrators, unless you are gay.

bridge builders photo

Belmont’s lesson is, if you are gay and want to be accepted on your college campus, choose a college which supports your sexual orientation. Keep your faith separate. There is a translation for this lesson: Queers stay in the closet, as conservative Christian students might not have the fortitude in faith to handle such open displays of blasphemous sexuality.

The beating and rape of four Latinos in the Bronx is well published.  We must pass the message beating up on gays, mentally or physically, won’t fly?

The "It Gets Better Project" as GLBT members to take a pledge:

"THE PLEDGE: Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors. I'll speak up against hate and intolerance whenever I see it, at school and at work. I'll provide hope for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and other bullied teens by letting them know that 'It Gets Better.'"

bridge builders

Our hearts go out to Robbie who has an uphill battle educating University administrators who one day may have the suicide of a gay teen on their hands for their stalwart refusal to provide assistance to gay Christians in pain. It gets better, Robby. It will get better in most Christian schools one day, but only after civil rights pioneers like yourself pave the way with a lot of heart ache at the hands of the completely ignorant.

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