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Monday, June 7, 2010

SB 1070 may be blocked by court action! Racial profiling won’t fly!


Those who oppose SB 1070 are optimistic a court of competent jurisdiction will issue a restraining order to prevent this ugly law from going into effect.


Right wing forces like Senator John McCain passed a law which requires police to detain any person suspected of being “illegal”.  There are several problems with the law.  The first is, since most undocumented workers who are in the country are ‘of color’ Latinos and other minorities are surely to be profiled.  The second problem is undocumented workers will be reticent to report crimes since they face deportation if they do.  A third problem is, under the law, it is illegal to transport undocumented workers.  If your mom takes her neighbor to choir practice she is subject to arrest for transporting.


Because people will suffer immeasurably, opponents of the law hope a judge will issue a temporary injunction against implementation of the law.  The injunction is a short term solution.  However, in the meantime, law suits like the one in Tuscon can move forward to challenge the law.  On May 29th, 2010, up to 200,000 people protested the unfair law!


Arizona Governor, Republican Jan Brewer, is doing all she can to see to it racial profiling moves ahead.  She recently fired the attorney general which could delay law suits challenging the law.  The law is so bad, prominent Republicans oppose it!



Call your senator and tell him to support comprehensive immigration reform!  Really!  Every phone call counts.  Let’s stop unfair laws like Arizona SB 1070.  Let’s strengthen our borders.  Let’s help those who are here keep their families together (family values) and let’s help young people of undocumented workers break the chain of poverty and go to school!


Meanwhile, if wise judges enjoin SB 1070 then we will have time to let courts help us sort this all out!


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Tim Paynter is a staunch opponent of SB 1070, racial profiling and unfair laws against the poor and oppressed.


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