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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why the Dems are slow to act, support needed in Washington!


Republicans are convinced the Democratic base that allowed Obama to sway Congress on health care reform and other issues for the past term won’t show up in November when it is time to vote.  That makes Republican victory in key senate seats more likely. 


If the Republicans chop Democratic influence in the Senate, the chances of winning legislation backed by the Democrats will be substantially reduced.  At that point, hopes for passage of an immigration bill in the next decade could be dashed!



The fringe base which put Obama into office and won critical senate seats includes single women, young people and minorities.  Republicans are betting the Democrats won’t be able to turn out the vote.  They are especially convinced the case is true if the Dems are unable to introduce and pass immigration reform.  Senate success with Democratic candidates, in Nevada with Harry Reid, in Colorado with Michael Bennet, in California with Barbara Boxer and in Florida Kendrick Meek, depend upon turning out the Hispanic vote.  Failing that, the Democratic party will likely lose some very important seats at election time.


Meanwhile, Republicans wish to quash efforts for financial regulatory reform and immigration reform so they can deny Democrats a victory.  The question for all of us is, will the Republicans succeed? 


It took nearly a year to pass health care reform.  Even if immigration reform legislation is introduced in the coming month, it is not likely to be passed before November.  If the balance of power shifts after the election, the legislation is likely to be changed so much as to not be in favor of immigrants at all.  As it is, the law has some vicious aspects to it for undocumented immigrants.

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The object of immigration reform is not just to pass a law;  it is to pass a law that benefits immigrants.  If we cannot do that in 2010, then we must continue supporting our power base so it can be done in 2011.  We are far better off waiting a year than getting a law that provides little help at all.  Why have a watered down immigration bill that gives conservatives what they want and smashes the hopes of millions of undocumented worker in the U.S.?  Playing hard ball may get us hardly nothing.  Let’s get our Democratic power base motivated now and let’s get as many voters into the voting booths as we had show up on the May Day Rifa rally nation wide!







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