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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bucu arrests likely at National Day of Action – Immigration protest May 29th, 2010 – Civil Disobedience against Arizona SB 1070

Civil Disobedience

Massive arrests possible

in Arizona

May 29th = D Day

National Day of Action

“We are living in historical times where we do not have the luxury of being spectators while a hurricane of hate destroys our families, our dreams, our businesses and our work” Salvador Reza


Phoenix Arizona, May 29th, 2010, will be a battle ground for civil disobedience.  Human rights activists are en-route to Phoenix, Az., as I write this.  They are flooding into the state to protest the Republican sponsored SB 1070 which is the most vicious anti-immigrant law passed in the history of the United States of America.


Guide to civil disobedience

in the immigration reform movement


SB 1070 requires police to detain anyone they suspect of being in the country without documents.  Since the majority of undocumented workers are of Hispanic origin, the burden of the law falls on people of color.  Additionally, the law makes it illegal for a US citizen to transport an undocumented worker.  For example, a social worker driving an undocumented alien to the doctor could find himself on the wrong side of the law.


The weekend of protests starts off with a rock concert on Friday night in the Festival for Human Rights.  The following day, May 29th, 2010, has been termed The National Day of Action!  The column for the demonstration march is expected to range over five miles long!


Along with the Festival and the March, many activist reportedly are discussing the possibility of civil disobedience.  They are thinking about mass acts of disobedience in peaceful defiance of SB 1070.  Depending upon response by law enforcement, many arrests may occur.


One thing you won’t see at this event or any of the civil rights events protesting comprehensive immigration reform is violence.  This is a peaceful movement which believes in using tactics of resistance similar to the ones used by Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.


If you are planning an act of Civil Disobedience you may want to consult my guide on that topic, Civil Disobedience for the immigrant community.


“Estamos viviendo tiempos históricos donde no podemos darnos el lujo de ser espectadores mientras un huracán de odio destruye nuestras familias, nuestros sueños, nuestros negocios y nuestros trabajos”





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