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Monday, April 19, 2010

Denver protests unjust Arizona law toughest on illegal immigrants, Joe Arpaio smiles, Tancredo fools the fools


faces of freedom A contingent of protesters met on a Denver, Colorado street corner today to protest the unjust law that has been passed in Arizona. 

Faces of justice

The law makes being an “illegal immigrant” illegal.

Unlike past immigration reform movements, this one is multi-cultural, include persons of faith, diversity in sexual orientation, women who have suffered oppression and others who know the how the ugly thumb of oppression feels. 

a strong message


Stop the raids!


The protest was called at the last minute and held at El Centro Humanitario in the urban renewal district at 23rd and Champa streets.  Present were a host of people who speak Spanish and English as their first language.  The strongest showing was from faith based groups who say we must accept the stranger amongst us!

 Opening prayers and remarks

people of all faiths and languages

 Television reporter wants her own memories!

press box, reporter wants her own memory

univision reporter takes her own pics 





The law in Arizona is unjust

people are suffering

If you are a person who believes in standing up for justice then please join in protesting this ugly law.  It prevents an immigrant from approaching the police after being victim of a crime, it promotes the knock on the door in the middle of the night same as the fatherland, and it promotes breaking up of families, no family values here! 

May 1st is going to be a very big day in the fight for immigration rights.  Be sure to watch for the hundreds of parades and events passing, and come join us in a patriotic show, oppressive tactics won’t fly in the USA! 

Father getting ready for closing prayer

speakers box, father ready to address us, closing prayers 

National marches

MAY 1, 2010

Breaking news:  the Arizona legislature sent the toughest immigration bill in history to Governor Jan Brewer.  She is expected to sign the bill.  She also has a slight lead in the Republican primary.  Details follow…

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