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Friday, April 2, 2010

Arizona Rancher Bob Krentz assassinated, Politico Kay Granger has an orgasm, reckless media jumps to conclusions, truth comes out

In the deep South in the old days, anytime a prominent person was murdered or a white woman raped the fingers pointed to the old scape-goat.  We blamed African Americans for a lot of things in those days.  A lynch mob was formed and a white guy got away with murder or rape.  Who knows if a legal citizen is getting away with murdering a wealthy Arizona rancher, Robert krentz.  Governors jan Brewer of Arizona and New Mexico Bob Richardson panic, and Texas Rep. Kay Granger has an orgasm.

The scape-goat scenario is the same in Arizona as it is in the deep South, although the actors have changed a bit.  Now it is an ‘illegal alien’ who did the dirty deed. 

News reports all over the country are using a buzz word that means hate to describe the death.  “An illegal alien probably did it!”. 

Some reporters use a bit more caution, “An illegal alien allegedly did it” and still others, namely conservative Fox News which would like to see immigration reform gutted, says an illegal alien did do it, or words to that effect. 

Kimberly Dvorak from Red Country says “Arizona Rancher Murdered by Illegal Immigrant Who Flees To Mexico”  but she quickly backs off after using the hate word to grab headlines.  In the body of the article she adds the word “allegedly”.

Here is what the theory of the case is:


lone “Illegal Alien” walks 20 miles into Bob Krentz’s ranch along the U.S. Mexico border. Without provocation, he takes out his trusty six shooter and shoots the rancher. Then he puts on his Nike’s and races back to Mexico. Meanwhile, the border patrol with a dog team and surely with pursuit vehicles and helicopters no doubt, are hot on his heels. Surprise surprise, one guy on foot hoofs it 20 miles back to Mexico before the team can catch him. Give me a break!

An old saying in law is, “If it does not make sense he probably didn’t do it!'”

This scenario does not make sense for a variety of reasons:

1.  “Illegal aliens” meaning the guys who come here to do work, don’t carry guns.  Mexico’s Constitution does not provide for possession of fire arms.  Unless you have a ton of dough you better not be packing a pistol.  If you do have  a ton of dough why hike through some of the roughest terrain on the border?

2.  “Illegal Aliens” don’t usually come alone.  There is safety in numbers.  Most don’t know the least guarded routes, how to get around the drones, listening devices, motion detectors, fences and the lot, so they hire a “Coyote”.  Yet this killer was all by himself on a path taken by over 80,000 people last year.  That is 219 people a day using the same route.  This guy was alone?  There were no witnesses? 


3.  Why would someone shoot Mr.... Krentz for no reason?  Does not make sense. 

4.  There have been no reports of tracks into the ranch, just tracks out to Mexico.  How did this ‘illegal alien’ get to the ranch?   Most people use the bridge to go home.  Why risk his life going the wrong way?

My theory of the case:"

Bob Krentz was targeted for murder.  It might have been by a relative, it might have been by an angry client or business associate, or by Mexican drug gangs.  At any rate, I think he was chosen and assassinated.

What better alibi could one have than blame it on an ‘illegal alien’ and race across the border before anyone gets wise? 

What the shooter did not count on was the national attention the killing would cause…or maybe he did.  Some people following immigration reform would do about anything to derail legislation which will soon be pending in front of Congress.

An illegal alien is not a drug smuggler!

Drug smugglers, U.S. citizen coyotes and undocumented workers all cross the border illegally.  We use one name for all of them.  Yet, frequently, the coyote and drug smugglers are citizens!  That gives 14,000,000 people a black eye.  We call that a smear campaign, demonizing and discrimination.  This time the discrimination is not race based.  It is based upon national origin.  Just as bad.  Not all Mexicans are bad people…you will find some pretty good guys if you check!

I don’t know who killed Robert Krentz.  Neither does Rep. Kay Granger, of Texas who is having an orgasm over the death and wants congressional hearings, or Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who is thinking about calling in the national guard to protect her border or New Mexico Governor Bob Richardson who did call in the national guard to protect his border. 

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation."  Herbert Spencer.

Let’s let Kay finish having her orgasm or ask her to call 911, both of which will get more results than Congressional hearings. 

Let’s ask the governors of New Mexico and Arizona to take a deep breath and then put on their thinking caps, something neither one of them has done in this incident. 

Let’s ask everyone to start talking about rational immigration reform in which we strengthen our borders, naturalize those who are already here so we don’t break up families, so we can identify them, so they can get driver’s licenses with auto insurance, and so their children can have a crack at education and a chance to break the ugly bondage of poverty. 

Let’s let law enforcement figure out who the creep is that pulled the trigger and let’s ask the lynch mob and the media to stand down. 

Well, forget asking the media.  Fox News is going to try to convince you ‘illegal aliens’ are the same as ‘coyotes’ and ‘drug dealers’ and if you want to buy into that bull puckey then this article wasn’t meant for you, best go back to ‘unbiased reporting’ on the boob tube.




Fox news debates immigration reform

Immigration advocates want to know where Colorado Democratic senator Mark Udall is on all of this.  Denver immigration advocates have yet to get a face to face meeting with him despite asking and asking and asking… 

Mark’s brother, Tom Udall, who is a senator from New Mexico, calls for a stronger border without mentioning immigration reform. 

Maybe Mark has forgotten his Hispanic voting base.  If he has, they will help him remember when it comes time for elections.


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  2. Dustin Carnevale of FAIR will be my guest at 5:40 PM New York time today to talk about the murder of Robert Krentz on News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network.

    You're invited to ask him questions. Please go to to participate. There is no charge.

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