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Thursday, March 11, 2010

LMSD SETTLES WITH BLAKE ROBBINS? How many Mike and Ike's should a peeping tom pay?

LMSD Settles with Blake Robbins
...Large sum paid Blake, 
School accepts responsibility, 
Some staff given opportunity to submit resignations, 
class action withdrawn

That would be great news for the community, the school, the administrators and faculty and most of all it would be great for the students!

    TOO BAD IT IS NOT TRUE as far as I know!

I was just thinking to myself...what if they did settle for the benefit of the community?  What kind of settlement could they make?

 Here is a wild duck shot at the proposal:

"Two hundred fifty thousand per Mike and Ike!"

1.  How about $250K per Mike and Ike?  That would be $500,000 bucks for the pair of pill sized candies!  Blake could add another $1,000,000 to that by posing in the next Mike and Ike's commercial!  

With 1.5 Mil in hand, at least Blake's first year at Harvard would be paid...

"Those responsible for the disaster to be given the opportunity to submit their resignations"

2.  Considering the cost and inconvenience to the community and the school, those responsible for the program would be asked to submit their resignations.  

If the school board was advised by counsel, I would fire the legal counsel!  

If the board failed to ask for legal advice, I would fire the school board!

Don't worry about those guys, they might have a new career selling "Hot Tamales" which look a lot like Mike and Ike's but give you really bad heart burn when you eat too many.

3.  The class action suit to be dismissed.  One idea would be to dismiss the class action suit, or limit damages to each member of the class...pun about one half a Mike and Ike's worth per class member instead of two Mike and Ike's worth?  *I am sure if you ask the school board members to do the math for you they will have it at their finger tips!  No doubt they are experts at math by now considering how many sheep they have been counting every night since this disaster hit national news!

Honestly, I don't have a clue what two Mike and Ike's are worth in the hands of an under-aged youth!  The point of view offered is just for fun, no legal opinion is given.  You get to pay the big bucks for that! 
On a more serious note, I do have a question:  
How much is a senior year worth?  A Junior year?  Most of us only get one of each during out lifetimes.    They almost made an exception with me, but that is another story!

My point is, what a shame it is to ruin any high school student's year with such an ugly story.   I think the big kids - those who authorize school web cam computer spying on the little kids - should settle this suit for the benefit of everyone.  Admit your errors, fix what you can, move on!  It took me 45 years to figure that one out!

In the alternative, maybe this isn't such a bad thing after all.  Poor kids get to watch grown up people fight all the time.  Maybe this is a way to give young people in wealthier communities a chance to grow up too fast...too.  

What do you think?   Put your comments here!  Better yet, join the blog and keep up on modern legal issues to help you and yours through life!  Blake Robbins v LMSD, the Pennsylvania school spy cam in lap top computer case, a/k/a what is the value of one Mike and Ike's?                                                                                                                                                                        

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