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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Denver Aurora Colorado Resident Pleads Guilty to Terrorism & support of al Qaeda

Najibullah Zazi from Afghanistan
Pleads Guilty

  • Conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction

  • Conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country

  • Providing material support to al Qaeda.
You never know when a terrorist moves next door. Najibullah Zazi, A 25 year old resident of Aurora, Colorado and a lawful permanent resident turned out to be just that.  Who would have suspected his he led a secret life as a spy and planed to commit mass murder in the New York subway?

At the end of 2008, Naji and some compatriots decided to fight with the Taliban and against the United States of America in Afghanistan. Naji took that action after being admitted to the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident. Naji Zazi departed New York for his home country of Afghanistan.

"The folks at Al Qaeda spotted a diamond in the rough"

The folks at Al Qaeda spotted a diamond in the rough. Why send a lawful permanent resident from the U.S. to fight along side the Taliban? Any religious fanatic can do that. Naji’s handlers had bigger plans for him.

Shortly, Naji found himself in the Waziristan region of Pakistan learning how to use various kinds of weapons. In the process of his indoctrination the idea was posed: Why not be a martyr and return to the US for a little suicidal terrorist fun? Naji thought that would be a pretty good idea.

"You don’t have to be too bright to blow yourself up"

Al Qaeda went to work right away on the next life to be sacrificed in the name of Allah. Naji received training on constructing explosives to blow himself up, with the grand idea of blowing himself up and taking with him a lot of American citizens who didn’t plan to be martyrs.   What these guys don't get is every time they attack the US they make heroes out of the victims!

During the al Qaeda training session with Najibullah Zazi there were in-depth discussions about the planned attacks, including subway trains in New York City.  Why the subway?  After several failed efforts and a lot of passengers holding their noses from smelly socks while passing security, perhaps Al Qaeda gave up on airliners. Let’s hope so.

You don’t have to be too bright to blow yourself up and Najibullah Zazi proved to fit into this category. Or maybe he figured his emails were protected by the constitutional notions of privacy of the country he was determined to destroy. At any rate, the new al Qaeda recruit sent notes to himself via email about the planned attack. Anyone can be absent minded and one tends to get a little nervous as they contemplate immortality.

“Boy Scout camp” terrorist-style broke for Naji in 2009"

“Boy Scout camp” terrorist-style broke for Naji in 2009 and he returned to the United States to his old haunts in the Denver metro area, which likely included his former community of Aurora, Colorado. He retrieved his notes from his earlier emails and began his plans to assemble the necessary bomb making ingredients.

By June of ‘09, Najibullah Zazi began conducting research on where to buy the ingredients for the explosives using those email notes. Naji Zazi then traveled to New York and met with others to discuss the plan, including the timing of the attack and where to make the explosives.

"This must have been an exciting time for the misguided Afghan terrorist contemplating why blowing himself into a billion pieces was going to make him one with God"

This must have been an exciting time for the misguided-guided Afghan terrorist as he darted around the country meeting co-conspirators, assembling bomb detonation items and contemplating why blowing himself into a billion pieces was going to make him one with God.

In July of 2009, after a whirl wind trip to New York City, Naji purchased large quantities of the ingredients necessary to make TATP and checked into a hotel room with his bomb things in Denver, Colorado. The FBI later found the residue of explosives in the room. And you thought your only problem with the previous hotel guest was bed bugs!

"“S” day, that is suicide day, was set for September
14th, 15th and 16th"

“S” day, that is suicide day, was set for September 14th, 15th and 16th of 2009. After an ungodly long drive in a rental car from Denver, Naji arrived in the Big Apple On Thursday, Sept. 10th, 2009, just in time for the fireworks. The idea was to put the explosives together with the necessary bomb components and then hit the Manhattan subway lines. It is an odd way to “hit the town”.

We don’t know why, but Allah was on Naji’s side, because he figured out the cops were hot on his trail. Fearing discovery, Naji and his buddies put the kibosh on their plans, which turned out to save his life. Naji fled to the Mile High City after getting rid of the evidence. He was arrested on September 19th in Denver, three days after the last bomb was to burst.

"It would be up to a citizen jury to decide whether there was enough evidence to charge"

The original criminal complaint filed by the FBI was “knowingly and willfully making false statements to the FBI in a matter involving international and domestic terrorism”. This gave the U.S. government the right to hold the 25 year old Afghanistan national until evidence could be assembled and sent to a Grand Jury. It would be up to a citizen jury to decide whether there was enough evidence to charge the would be mass murderer.

As a general rule, which is not true for the poor sots who spent time in Guantanamo Bay during the Bush administration, the U.S. Government does not hold people against their will without having some probable reason to believe they have committed a crime. The mere allegations along with some evidence does not make one guilty. However, it gives the government enough to hold a dangerous suspect.  At the same time, it suggests we don’t lock people up because some guy in a trench coat says we should.  There has to be some basis, some probable cause, for the arrest.

This policy based upon our constitution was reinstated after Captain Bush left office. President Barak Obama announced we would not violate the principles of freedom trying to protect that same freedom. Then it is not called ‘freedom’ anymore. We do not have to stoop to the lows of our enemies in order to protect ourselves. Freedom applies to all who are accused because once in awhile the government gets it wrong.

This return to ‘due process’ makes it a lot harder for law enforcement to make the case against the bad guys. Let’s just say they are doing one heck of a good job! The abusive policies of the Bush Administration made us look like hypocrites, gave our government and our people a black eye, and was no doubt used as justification in motivating young anti U.S. recruits.

In a sense, abusive practices do more to harm our national security than they do to help. Trust me, had the bombs been any closer, the Government would have used certain special powers it possesses to protect you and me. Due process eventually falls to national security, but only after our troops have made the old college try.

"Zazi committed conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction"

The evidence was assembled and presented to the Grand Jury in the Eastern District of New York. On Sept. 23, 2009 the Grand Jury returned a one-count indictment alleging Zazi committed conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction (explosive bombs) against persons or property in the United States, conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country, and providing material support to al Qaeda. Among other things, Zazi admitted that he brought TATP [Triacetone Triperoxide] explosives to New York on Sept. 10, 2009, as part of plan to attack the New York subway system.
“This was one of the most serious terrorist threats to our nation since September 11, 2001, and were it not for the combined efforts of the law enforcement and intelligence communities, it could have been devastating,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “This attempted attack on our homeland was real, it was in motion, and it would have been deadly. We were able to thwart this plot because of careful analysis by our intelligence agents and prompt actions by law enforcement. They deserve our thanks and praise.”

It is time to be grateful for the dedicated police and intelligence community in the U.S. who are doing a tough job the old fashioned way. It makes putting the case together a little harder, but once it all fits, it is a stronger case. The extra steps law enforcements takes in putting rotten apples in the garbage is the first line of defense in insuring freedom and civil rights ring true.

"The 911 attackers were not Mexican nationals"

Instead of taking our 911 rage out on Mexican Nationals who cross the border looking for food and a better way of life, what if we concentrate on the guys who come here from countries and cultures opposed to us? The 911 attackers were not Mexican nationals. Most who come here from Afghanistan are peace loving people with strong religious convictions based upon doing good things for others. They are looking for a better life, too. It is important we not single out one segment of our population, but one thing sure, the Afghan community is a lot smaller than the Latino community. They are more easily investigated. The few bad guys amongst them are more motivated to commit horrific acts; and the majority are here legally.

The sad thing is, most of the Moslem faith seek peace and good will towards America.  The American people want the same.  A few radical fools are bent on feeding their hatred of all things Western and manipulate their own people into doing horrible acts they, themselves will not do.  A few gullable devotees give into their selfish desire for immortality.  Why care about what happens to others, so long as they achieve their place in history?  Even if the theory were true, do you believe selfishness is an Islamic practice?  But for these things we could have peace.

Najibullah Zazi, a lawful permanent resident, failed to blow up trains in the New York Subway system. This, after intensive training by al Qaeda operatives, and an elaborate plan split between the cities of the Metro Denver and Aurora area, and extending all the way to the Big Apple. As far as we know Zazi never got to fight along side the Taliban. If he is convicted of the charges he faces, he will have plenty of time fighting for his life in a U.S. prison. Even the worst element of our society dislikes those who attack American soil.

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