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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Senagalese illegal alien found guilty for check fraud faces 95 years before deportation

Unauthorized Alien Convicted of Bank

 and Access Device Fraud

Unauthorized Alien Convicted of Bank and
Access Device Fraud

Ibraham Sarr is a convicted con man and thief who, along with three other co-conspirators, ran a bunko check cashing and credit card theft ring during 2005 and 2006. Sarr is also an “unauthorized alien” which means he likely came to the country legally, but over stayed his visa. what is an unauthorized alien
"The ring used stolen credit card numbers"
The ring used stolen credit card numbers to make fake credit cards. The cards could then be used to buy merchandise or obtain cash. According to testimony, Sarr got to the credit card companies and unhappy clients to the tune of at least $200,000.

Where did Sarr get his credit card numbers from? Be careful where you stay when you are traveling these days. Maybe better said, be careful how you treat the front desk clerk. Sarr had a friend working at the Comfort Inn Hotel at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. The “accomplice:” simply took credit card information freely given and handed it over to Sarr. A few days later the unhappy traveler found his credit card bouncing with charges he knew nothing about.

Sarr’s downfall came when he got a little too big for his britches. Maybe they wear britches in Senegal, if not then perhaps Sarr became too big for his robes. No matter, it was when Sarr was attempting to cash a $187,200 fraudulent bank check at Monarch Bank in Virginia Beach on October 13th, 2005 that authorities started catching on to who Sarr was and what he was up to.

Shortly thereafter, the four man crime wave got stopped in their tracks and were making frantic pleas to relatives for bond money. There was the usual lawyer stuff and at the end of the day, four of the co-conspirators had pled guilty to the charges.

Sarr could see the handwriting on the wall. It was obvious he was going to be deported. It was also obvioius he was going to get free room and board for a lengthy time before finding freedom in his homeland. So Sarr made a bolt for freedom. That was in 2006.
"There was a traffic stop. A warrant was discovered"
Evetually Sarr found himself in New York City. There was a traffic stop. A warrant was discovered. Sarr was placed into custody.

When he was returned to face the court from which he had fled, Sarr decided to take his chances with a jury. He lost the bet today and was found guilty of the charges. A Norfolk federal jury said guilty after the conclusion of a 3-day trial before United States District Judge Rebecca Beach Smith. Neil H. MacBride, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, made the announcement. Sentencing follows on April 27th, 2010.

If the judge throws the book at Ibrahima Sarr, 32, a Senegalese unauthorized alien, who was found guilty today of bank fraud, conspiracy, aggravated identity theft and access device fraud, he could get 95 years to think about why it is foolish idea to run from the court, and even a more foolish idea to forge checks and steal credit card numbers! Am I am sure he will be missed.

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