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Friday, January 22, 2010

Do you know this bank robber? Help him and help us!

 This man robbed
Wachovia Bank branch located
at 2 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

This man must be very desperate. Robbing a bank without concealing your identity is stupid.  Only a desperate person would do it.  This kind of person is usually seeking help and making a statement in his own way,


Unfortunately his way of making that siren call could get him killed.  He made threats on his next robbery. 

The Philadelphia Police are going to help him. It may not look like help, but it is.  They are going to put him into the system where he can explain his actions and motives to a judge.  Or they are going to kill him trying.  After making verbal threats, can you blame them?

If you know this person help him by helping get him off of the street.  It is best if he is willing to turn himself in.  If he is not, it is best to take him than let him put his life and other lives at risk in future robberies.  No amount of money is worth a life!

The FBI says:  "The robbery took place at 2 West Girard Avenue the TD Bank branch located at 3930 Woodhaven Boulevard. You can bet this cat is just down the highway!

At approximately 10:50 a.m., the subject entered the Wachovia Bank branch and made a threatening verbal demand to a teller. The subject fled the bank, however, without obtaining any cash. The subject was wearing red pull-over hooded sweatshirt, and was last seen on foot on Girard Avenue heading towards Frankford Avenue."

You are not snitching on someone when you are saving their life.  Rather, you are helping them get off of the street and out of danger.

The FBI continued:  "The same subject then entered the TD Bank branch at approximately noon, and made a threatening verbal to a teller there indicating that he was armed with a gun. The subject was wearing a white t-shirt. After obtaining an undisclosed amount of cash, the subject fled the bank and was last seen in a small white plain panel van with unknown Pennsylvania license plates on Woodhaven Boulevard heading towards Interstate 95"

"The subject is described as a white male, 25 to 35 years old, 5’7” to 5’8” tall, medium build, with brown hair longer on the top then on the sides, a mustache and goatee and a “five-o’clock” shadow. The subject may have red dye stains on his clothing and/or skin."

We are willing to help you get this man off of the street.  Please contact us, or contact the FBI.

Every person has thge right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty by a jury in a court of law.  All statements made here about bank robbers is upon allegation and information and belief.

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